10+ Whatsapp status for womens

Some status for women are as follows:

“Don’t harm women but protect them.”

respect women status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“Respecting and protecting women and baby girls is the responsibility of the person.”

“Respect your mother and wife both, Because one brought in this world while other left her home to be with you.”

“It is our responsibility to ensure that women and girls are safe in our society and they face no discrimination.”

“Strive to build better and stronger society where women feel safe in every step of their life.”

strong woman broken heart status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“Give women their rights and don’t let them marginalized.”

“Never make any indecency comment on a woman nor insult her in any form, but respect and protect the women.”

“Good men can never stand seeing women being hurt in front of them, but they take decision and action to protect them and save them.”

“Women don’t deserve to endure violence and abuse, but they deserve protection and safer environment. We need to work to stop oppression of and discrimination against them in all the forms.”

whatsapp status quotes for women

“Every woman deserves respect and protection, no women should be left behind.”

“Treat women with respect and dignity.”

“Men are protectors of women so men are not supposed to harm the women but are supposed to protect them.”

“The contribution of the women cannot be overlooked that they have played and still playing in building the society.”

status quotes on womens for fb and whatsapp

“Decent women should stay away from toxic people as long as they don’t heal their heart and become a good person.”

“My respect for women is very high.”

“If you know how to respect your mother, then you should know how to respect women.”

“Respect the honor of the women.”

“People learn to respect women by just respecting own mother.”

“Respect for women starts from home.”

“When it comes education, health, protection then, We should make sure the women get equal right to the men without any discrimination.”

“Women are an inspiration for their family.”

“Work for the future of women so that they can build their own dreams.”

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