Motivational and inspirational Andrew Tate’s Quotes

Andrew Tate who was born on 1-December 1986 is an American-British social media influencer, businessman person, and a former professional kickboxer.

Andrew Tate is very active on twitter (X) social media palatiform, You can reach him on twitter at his profile

Andrew Tate was an Orthodox Christian but just before his arrest in December 2022, He embraced to Islam, claiming it to be “Islam the last true religion”.

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Andrew Tate quotes on Islam
Indeed, Islam the fist and last true religion on the earth.”
Andrew Tate quote Allah commands justice
“Indeed, Allah loves truth and justice.”

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children are innocent quotes by Andrew Tate
Indeed, children are of pure heart and they are innocent, we are supposed to help and protect them.
andrew tate quotes about feeding the hungry children
Let your charity go to poor and needy people who really deserve your help and suppport.
andrew tate quotes on charity
Don’t wait the time to come when you will become a rich person, start doing charity work from the day of today. Charity is charity no matter how small is it. charity of a piece of date also will give reward. moreover even a smile is a charity.
success feeling quotes by andrew tate
Do, charity work and feed poor and helpless children.

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