10+ Inspirational Ramadan Quotes

Ramadan (رمَضَان) is a holy month for Muslims, during this month Muslims keep fast and remember to Allah. This month brings an opportunity for the believers (Muslims) to become a better Muslim. During this month of Ramadan Muslims not just keep fast from food but also keep fast from any kind of wrong doing. Although Muslims are supposed to always work according to the teachings of Quran and Sunnah and refrain from sinful acts but during the month of Ramadan they focus more.

Allah know the best.  

ramadan sayings and quotes

“May Allah make this month of Ramadan a blessed month of Ramadan for friends, family and loved ones.”

ramadan in quran

“May Allah make this month of Ramadan a blessed month for whole Muslim ummah.”

“May Allah bless with safety and security of Imaan for whole ummah during this blessed month of Ramadan”

Attain Khushoo in Salah during ramadan
Ramadan brings an opportunity to gain khushoo in salat.
Dr. Bilal Philips Quotes on Ramadan
Strive to gain khushoo during the time of ramadan in every prayer (Salah)
reach ramadan dua
May Allah bless us with the opportunity to reach and witness the holy month of Ramadan. And May He shower his peace, mercy and blessings on Muslim ummah and forgive our sins.

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