10+ Islamic status quotes for whatsapp

Are you looking for Islamic quotes and duas to share on your your WhatsApp status? If yes then you are at right place. Here we have published some Islamic dua and quotes. more will be uploaded in near future. please read our Islamic quotes and duas and share on your whatsapp status

“Obey Allah and care about parents and family.”

“Ya Allah, guide me with your guidance, protect me with your protections, make me steadfast in the truth, make me true follower of Quran and Sunnah and make me the reason for others to embrace Islam.”

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“Put control over the desires of your heart and strive to make your heart pure, don’t listen your heart but listen the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.”

“If there is protection of Allah with you then no evil shall reach you and no one can harm you.”

Islamic WhatsApp status on success
Allah is one who can give us success in this dunya and hereafter.

“May Allah have mercy on Muslim ummah, give hidayah and unite Muslim ummah on the true teaching of Quran and Sunnah. May Allah have mercy on Muslim ummah and bring peace and brotherhood among Muslim ummah.”

“Stay close to the people who love and remember Allah and remind you about Allah. “

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“Obey Allah and put your trust in him. Allah is one who created you and everything. Allah is our creator. We get use and get benefits from the creations like sun, moon, stars, oceans, rivers, mankind, animals, trees etc. but we worship only Allah who created all the things including all these. Allah neither begets nor is begotten, He is self-sufficient. “

“Allah is please with those who obey his commands and becomes angry with those who deny his commands.”

“Allah is one who gives you rizk.”

“If you speak then speak for the sake of Allah, if you act then acts for the sake of Allah.”

“Allah loves those who obey Allah and have patience.”

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“Real richness is the richness of imaan but not richness of money.”

“Put trust in Allah. Allah test those whom he loves.”

“If you facing any kind of hardship or trial then put trust in Allah and keep patonce, Seek help from Allah through patience and prayers.”

“A Muslim does what Allah loves but a shaytan does what Allah hates. Try to be among those whom Allah loves.”

“If you got a problem in your life then try to find solution of of your problem with patience and prayers. know that the solution of every problem is in patience and prayers.”

“Allah is the one who understands my every pain, problem and sufferings. I report about my pains and problems only to Allah. May Allah guide me and help me.”

“May Allah change our hardship and despair moment into the best moments.”

“Obey Allah and pray regularly on the time, try to get closer to Allah. If you have support of Allah then you need to get support of none. Allah is enough.”

“Sometimes hardship and trials becomes a blessing in the life of a mankind. When a mankind gets tired from his life and worldly affairs, in that case even a worst person starts remembering to Allah.”

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