10+ Crying related Status for Whatsapp

Some crying status are as follows:

“Cry for those who cry for you.”

don't cry but smile status

“When I lose something then I don’t cry but smile because I learn something from the process.”

“Don’t cry for the things you have lost but smile for the things you have achieved in your life.”

don't cry status with quotes

“Never cry for the things you have lost, Smile for the things still remain with you.”

don't waste your tears status for whatsapp

“Don’t cry for the ones who pay no heed over your emotions.”

feelings cry status with quotes

“Some times people mourn by crying because they ones find no other ways to express their feelings and pains.”

forget past and smile status

“Forget the past times of your life that made you sad and cry, Focus on present that makes you smile and happy.”

sad cry status for whatsapp

“Help the poor, oppressed and feed the ones who cry with hunger.”

crying status with image

“If you have made no efforts for what you want then you need not cry for what you have lost.”

crying whatsapp status download

“Crying brings nothing good in our life so forget what happened and smile for what you have achieved.”

smile with tears status with quotes

“Only special ones can make you smile with tears in your eyes.”

Try but not cry status

“Forget crying and focus on trying.”

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