10+ Love Status Whatsapp

Some Love status quotes are as follows:

“Always meet your family and friends with smile, Smile expressed a kind of love.”

“I don’t think someone will love to talk you if you spread hate against them, be decent, spread love and peace but not hate.”

i love you status for fb and whatsapp

“Don’t break the thread of love so instantly, because once it is broken then it becomes hard to join, even if joined then also stain/Spot is remained.”

“I love your positive attitude and emotion.”

“To build love you are supposed to step out from comfort zone to comprise and sacrifice and sacrifice your desires, If you cannot do this then love will not reach or if reaches then could leave to you.”

i love smile status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“Don’t forget your loved one(s) by getting an alternative.”

“If you love someone then listen to them.”

“Spread love and peace wherever you are.”

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“Sow them your love by having positive attitude and good behavior.”

Status on how to express love without saying love you

“I love updating and upgrading knowledge and skills.”

express love status quotes

“If you want find beautifulness in the surrounding everywhere then keep loving the nature.”

“Love and respect your elders.”

“Love yourself by being self discipline and respecting yourself.”

“Spread love and peace over hate, no matter what.”

hurt status on love

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“Love never hurts but fake love and wrong people hurt.”

“I love those who show their love during the times of my trouble and hardships but not those during the days of happiness in my life.”

“I love to see everything in original form as it is.”

“Never hurt those whose intention was only love you.”

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