10+ Motivational quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some motivational status quotes are as follows:

“I don’t care what others think about me, I live always positive.”

“Even if you are alone in your journey, Be a hopeful person and don’t stop keep moving on. Final destination awaits you.”

“Take a decision that you are determines moving on no matter how hard situation arrives in you path.”

stop throwing stones quotes for whatsapp status
If you are determined in achieving your goal then you must stop responding every dog that barks at you. You need ignore them and move on.

“Don’t tell your courage but show your courage by doing good things in your life.”

“Don’t get bothered by thinking about what people say about you, If your goal is good then keep moving on to achieve your goal.”

never give up whatsapp status quote
If your target is worthful and positive then never give up, keep trying to achieve your target.

“Success has not any shortcut path, it has a process to go through.”

“If you are doing hard work in your young life then you will be saved from doing hard work during your old age.”

“Stop overthinking about the problem, Think about the solution.”

motivational status quotes on success
If you want success then should not forget to try by being hopeful.

“Great things happen with great efforts.”

“Never give up on good and useful things, always learn from your mistakes and failures, and try again to accomplish your goal.”

motivational status quotes in english for whatsapp
Keep improving yourself in good ways, Changes make you better and journey of life become easy.

“I am improving myself for good of me.”

“If you want success then you are supposed to make efforts consistently but not occasionally.”

“I don’t look back when I know that I am on the right path.”

motivational status quotes on keep moving forward
Set a good and positive goal, and keep moving forward to achieve the goal regardless what people say about you.

“I don’t stop until my goal is reached.”

“Start with determination and end with satisfaction.”

motivational status on smile for whatsapp
Never lose hope, keep moving on with a smiling face.

“Do good deed something today that prove that you are a good mankind.”

“Do better than yesterday if you want better result for tomorrow.”

“I know I am not where I want to be or should be, but I am consistently striving to reach where I want to be and where I should be too.”

“I don’t tell people my plans, but I show them result of my plans.”

“Fix your faults that caused you failure, and try again.”

status quotes for motivation
You have thousands of reasons not to quit then why you waste your time thinking about the reasons to quit?

“How you can expect changes if you don’t make even a single positive change in your life?”

“Be strong enough to defeat your ego and pride, every negative thing harms your life.”

“If you don’t try to gain for whatever you want in your life, then how you can feel sad for the things you lose in your life?”

“Let people learn a lesson from your example instead of onion.”

“If you want to lead a crow then you are supposed to turn your back on the crow.”

don't give up quotes for whatsapp status
Success can reach you at any time, don’t give up please !

“I am not addicted of making money but I am addicted of gaining knowledge so I don’t work for money but work for knowledge.”

“I am never afraid of losing because I know failure is a process of success, I learn from every failure and try again.”

best motivational status quotes for whatsapp
Sometimes we have to face very hard hardship to reach at the best destination.

“Spend more time on solution than problem.”
“Making changes in life is inevitable but getting goal completed is most likely a choice.”

“Don’t let anyone to take you on negative path.”

“You should build such reputation in your life that people praise you behind your back as well not only in front of you.”

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