10+ Worry quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some quotes and thought on worry are as follows:

“Don’t worry about outcomes, keep doing good work and forget the rest.”

“Worry brings nothing but takes away many things including the peace and health.”

“Don’t spend your energy in worrying and overthinking, spend your energy in success and growth.”

“Worry about none and nothing, pray about everyone and everything.”

whatsapp status on worries in life
Don’t let worries stay with you. Stop worries and spend a healthy and peaceful life.

“Your worrying behavior is not going to fix the issues of tomorrow but it going to take away today’s peace and happiness. Stop working, be happy, stay decent.”

“Don’t worry, we are tirelessly working to fix the issues and recover the things. This could bring happiness on your face. wait and watch.”

“Don’t worry about what people thing about you and how they view about you, stay decent, focus on present and move on.”

“Don’t worry about the things of tomorrow nor about the past, Put aside tomorrow and past, focus on present and move on.”

“Don’t worry, stay focused on the present.”

dont worry be happy
Don’t waste your time and energy by worrying, Make your time and energy useful by being happy, positive and decent.
worry quotes for whatsapp status
If something happened wrong or things are not going at right track in your life then don’t worry about it but try to fix the things, Worrying will fix nothing but destroy many things.

“Don’t worry about the failure, You will get chance once again. trust the process.”

“Don’t worry or be sad nor be anxious about the things that are yet to come in your life, focus on present please.”

status quotes on don't worry for fb and whatsapp
Don’t worry about the things that are in your hands and are out of control.

“Don’t worry but be happy, worry brings nothing but harm.”

whatsapp status message on worry
Work with wisdom and don’t waste time of your life for the bullshit things.
don't worry status quotes for whatsapp
Don’t worry about the people who left you and they are no longer in your life, Sometimes people leave you for good of you.

“The less you worry the less complicated becomes your life.The more you worry the more complicated becomes your life”

positive status quotes on worry
Everything happens in our life for a reason, don’t worry about it, be patient, things will come at right track soon.
worrying whatsapp and facebook status quotes
Stop worrying and start being happy, because worrying is not going to change the outcomes in your life.

“Keep doing good deeds and worry about hereafter but not this world, know that life of this world is not permanent.”

quotes on worrying for whatsapp status
Worrying gives nothing but destroys pace of mind and removes happiness from our life, so be happy and stoop worrying, Keep doing your best with wisdom, thing will came at right track with the time.
inspirational don't worry staus quotes
Worrying wastes your time and destroys your health, stop worrying, be happy.

“Don’t worry but remain cool and happy. Worrying is a total waste of time and it brings nothing for you, it harms your peace and happiness and keeps you busy with doing nothing.”

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