10+ Don’t compare quotes for Whatsapp status

Some inspirational compare quotes and thoughts on compare are as follows:

“Focus on improving life of yourself, don’t waste your time in making life comparisons to others.”

self compare quote for whatsapp status
Compare your life with yours but not with others..
don't compare quotes for whatsapp status

“Don’t lose confidence in yourself by comparing your life to others.”

compare quotes by Jon Acuff
Don’t compare your starting phase with the middle of others.
compare status for whatsapp
I am a self respected person, so I don’t compare myself with anyone.

“I don’t compare myself with anyone, I love my ability.”

“Don’t compare to yourself with anyone, follow your own life and path. Make sure the path you follow is the path of truth.”

“Don’t compare yourself with others, if you do so then you lead you at wrong path and leave you arrogant or depressed.”

“Don’t compare yourself with anyone, There is something unique, different and special in you, NO one can be you.”

Status quotes on don't compare your life to others
Don’t compare your life with the life of others, know that everyone has got unique life with unique strength.

“Don’t compare truth with falsehood, Falsehood can never face truth.”

“Don’t compare your life with others; be inspired with the people truth and those who are doing good.”

“Don’t compare your beginning phase with middle of theirs, don’t compare your starting phase with ending phase of theirs, don’t compare your behind the scenes with theirs highlight reel, don’t compare your chapter one with theirs chapter twenty.”

compare yesterday and today status quotes
“Don’t compare your life to others, if you want compare then compare with your life of yesterday.”

“When you are comparing yourself with others, You are insulting yourself. No that no one could be you.”

comparison thoughts by Tim Hiller
Say no to comparison at any phase.

“I really don’t like when someone compares my life with others.”

“don’t compare yourself with others, their journey is their and your journey is yours.”

compare status quotes by bill gates
“Be a self-respected person and never insult yourself by comparing your life with others.”

“Don’t compare yourself with others, If you do then it will discourse you, and you will lose the focus and your aim/destination.”

“Don’t compare your life to others, just be yourself, you will find a beautiful and happy moment.”

“Don’t be jealous to see the progress of others, nor compare your progress with others. Everyone has different journey and time to travel.”

Compare quotes for status by Shannon L. Alder
Build your personality and stop comparing your life with others.

“Follow your own density and don’t compare your progress with others, don’t discourse yourself by comparing others.”

“Don’t make yourself sad and grieved by comparing others.”

“Comparing yourself with others could be harmful for you so refrain from such acts.”

comparing results status
Don’t compare your outcomes with the outcomes of others.

“The best idea I have got in life that I should never compare myself to others, comparing your life to others destroys your peace and happiness.”

“Don’t compare yourself on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, in magazine and in the real life, everyone faces up and down in their life.”

“Stop comparing your life to others, learn from your failures and focus on yourself.”

“Don’t compare your life with others but strive to be a best version of yourself.”

“Don’t compare your life with strangers on social media or in real life.”

“Compare progress in your life with previous version of yours but not to others.”

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