10+ Kindness Status with Quotes

Some kindness status are as follows:

“Be kind and always do good to everyone.”

always be kind status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“Rudeness behavior is shown by weak people, Kindness behavior is done by strong and decent people.”

“Stay kind even with unkind people, Your kindness could change their heart and behavior.”

be kind to others status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“Be kind and help people without expecting anything in return.”

“Kindness is always useful in our life, and it makes us more beautiful and decent person.”

“Always stay positive, kind, honest, decent and helping person.”

“Speak kind and decent words or remain silent.”

“Never underestimate the power of kindness, truth and decent behavior.”

kindness status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“Kind hearts feel the most pain to see horror and they work to end the sufferings of the people.”

“Be a person who is gives pain to none and helps to everyone.”

“You are never too late to become a decent and kind person, Be a kind person and change your life.”

“Always remain a kind and decent person no matter what.”

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