10+ Missing you Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some missing quotes for whatsapp status are as follows:

“When you get pain and hardship then most of us remember our people, but when we get money then most of us forget our people. Be positive and remember your loved ones always no matter what.”

i miss you status quotes for whatsapp
“I don’t miss the real you, I miss the person I thought you might be.”
miss you see you soon status for whatsapp
I miss you, hopefully we will meet very soon, once again.
i miss you whatsapp status quotes and wallpaper
I miss the old you that was caring and supporting, now you got totally changed.

“How strange thing is missing someone, It leaves you alone even in the crowd of thousands.”

started missing you status quotes
I started missing you at the same time we said goodbye to each other.

“I have been missing you since the time you have been away from me.”

“People miss their loved ones when they lose them.”

i miss you status messages
How I can express, how much I miss you.

“Even when I am next to you, I am missing you.”

missing someone status for whatsapp
I feel very bad when I am unable to meet my loved ones whom I miss a lot.

“I am missing my childhood lifestyle.”

“I always miss our conversations of during the time of our childhood.”

“It is very hard to forget you because you gave me a lot of good memories/member.”

nice status quotes on i miss you
“I start missing you at the moment we leave each others.”

“I will only stop missing you when I am accompanied with you.”

“I miss the way we used to help each other during our childhood.”

“Sometimes we miss happy memories alot.”

“I am tired missing my family.”

“I Never waste my time in missing the ungrateful people.”

“I am missing my family little bit more every day.”

status quotes on missing someone
I am missing you a lot, when my phone rings, I think it is you.

“I want that you realize, I have been missing you every day.”

“My missing to you could be only stop once you are reached to me.”

“I am missing you but don’t want to do show off.”

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