10+ Silence Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some silence quotes for Whatsapp status are as follows:

“No one can silence your voice if you are on the side of truth and follow the truth.”

“Silence is a good thing but make sure silence between you and other person is not offensive but is comfortable.”

“Sometimes, Silence gives a best reply.”

“Sometimes it is a must to break silence and speak up against injustice.”

“When your words start working against you then let your silence speak on behalf of you.”

“Heal the pains with your silence.”

“Silence is a very decent and constructive language.”

“Overthinking is harmful for the health, inner silence gives us peace.”

silence is source of strength quotes
Sometimes, Silence gives you a great strength.
silence is a true friend
Indeed, Silence plays a lot of constructive role, it is just like a friend.
keep silence status for whatsapp
Keep silence if you are unable to convince with your words.

“Don’t remain silent about the things that actually matter for goodness and justice in the society.”

silence status quotes by David Tyson
Make silence comfortable instead of offensive.

“Always maintain a comfortable silence in friendship.”

“Don’t remain silent when you see that innocent people are getting oppressed and harmed, Because if you remain silent then next number could come of yours.”

silent status quotes for fb and whatsapp
“Open your mouth only if you have good words to speak or remain silent.”
silence status messages for fb and whatsapp status
“Sometimes people express their pain by having silence.”
Download silence is better than bullshit status quotes
“Reaming silent is far better than speaking bullshit.”
status quotes on silence and friendship for ff and whatsapp
“Don’t consider a person as your friend who wants to silence your voice.”

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