10+ Trust Status for Whatsapp

“Don’t break trust of any one because once it is broken then it becomes very hard to fix it.”

“If someone really trust you then never betray them nor let them down.”

trust status for whatsapp and fb

“Your lying issues have put me in trust issues.”

“It becomes very hard to trust you when you do betrayer of trust again and again, just apologizing is not enough, and you need to make changes in your life.”

“Don’t trust anyone so easily, first test them after that trust them.”

breaking trust status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“I don’t like the people who break trust to serve their own interest.”

“If you will behave like two faced person and play from both the sides then it becomes very hard to trust you.”

“If I know that person is wring them I never trust them, because if I do then i could be put in trouble at any time.”

“When you lost my trust then you lost my loyalty and friendship.”

trust breaking status quotes for whatsapp and facebook

“Don’t lie with a person who really trusts you and don’t trust a person who really lies to you.”

“If you want that I trust you, then you need to become honest, real and grateful.”

“Don’t trust a person to see a pretty face but trust a person to see good heart, good behavior, positive attitude, honesty, loyalty and gratefulness.”

“Don’t trust instantly what people say but verify it first after that trust.”

“Don’t break trust of anyone because once trust is broken then sorry cannot fix it.”

“Be careful when you are going to trust a person because once trust is broken then it gives a lot of pain.”

“It may be friendship or relationship in both the cases trust plays major role.”

“Trust is earned and won but not demanded.”

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