10+ Promise Quotes for Whatsapp

Some promise quotes are as follows for Whatsapp status :

“When it comes making promise then do it with wisdom, never make negative promise.”

“Promise that you will not hurt your friends, family and loved ones.”

“Never let your ego nor heart to break the promise, once committed then committed.”

“Focus on proving than promising.”

“Respect your parents and promise that you will never leave alone who took care at the time when you were too young.”

“If you make a promise then fulfill it, never let a promise become a lie.”

“Promise me that you will never break the promise.”

“Promise me that you will lift me when I fall, You will be with me when I need.”

“If someone aligns to your side then take care of them and treat them right.”

promise is promise quotes
It is easy to make promise but very difficult to carry on.
breaking promise quotes
If you are not feasible to carry on the committed promise with perfection then it is better to break the promise timely so that they could arrange an alternative.
Never make a promise in haste
Don’t make any promise quickly, take time to think about the promise after take the final decision.

“When you are breaking a promise then you are breaking the trust.”

promise status for whatsapp

“Always make positive promise, When you have made it then never break it.”

“Negative promise brings unrest inside our hearts and put us in trouble so avoid negative promise and follow positive.”

“Do promise that you will never make negative promise.”

“Your promise is giving me hope, I am hopeful that you will never break the promise that you have made.”

“I don’t want that you promise me moon or star but I just want that you promise me that you will never leave me alone.”

“Sometimes people regret after breaking the promise.”

friendship status on promise for fb and whatsapp

“Know that a broken promise is a kind broken trust, So never break a promise If you want to build a good relationship.”

“I promise to live with you if you promise to never leave to me.”

“Never make fake promise nor break the hearts.”

“Don’t worry but be patient, I will be back very soon with good news. This is my promise.”

“I don’t have strength to solve your all problems but I promise you that I will never let face you alone.”

“Promise that you will speak the truth and take care of the poor and needy people.”

“If someone makes promise to stay with you then you are supposed to promise to never leave them.”

broken promise status for whatsapp

“Fake promises are made by fake people.”

“Mend the broken hearts and never break the positive promise.”

“I promise you that I will be with you as long as you follow the path of truth.”

“Don’t make promise, but show it by doing it right away.”

“Promise to live your life as an honest person.”

“can you promise me that you will take me back once again in your group If I return back?”

“Promise that you will keep striving to make your life better.”

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