10+ Inspirational Cool Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some Cool status for Whatsapp are as follow. Read cool status and share on social site.

“Don’t pretend to be cool but remain cool.”

“If you want to remain cool in your life then do random acts of kindness and put your ego aside.”

“Decent and kind words cool a soul.”

“You yourself are responsible to bring peace inside and make your soul cool.”

“Being cool is being a decent and most liked person.”

“Remain cool, anger is a disaster.”

2 line Cool Status for whatsapp
Being sad or overthinking is not going to help you. Forget past and move on.
being cool status quotes

“Stay humble and cool and don’t get emotionally controlled by others.”

“Having soft heart in front of a cruel person is not a weakness but is a kind of courage.”

stay cool status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“When it becomes hard to convince someone, you need to be cool and convince yourself.”

“Cool attitude is better than beautiful face.”

“Cool attitude makes a person amazing.”

cool like status quotes for whatsapp status

“People may make fun of you, no matter what remain cool and don’t get irritated easily.”

“Remain cool and don’t stress yourself.”

“Remain cool and behave like a genuine person.”

“Do the things what your desire says, But don’t forget to use your brain.”

so cool status for whatsapp

“Don’t work with emotion but work with wisdom and the way what is best.”

“Always remain cool and don’t get provoked, no matter what.”

“Don’t worry about what people say about you, Follow cool and positive attitude and move on regardless criticism of others.”

“Follow cool attitude and be a grateful person.”

stay cool status quotes

“Cool attitude brings peace and good.”

“Remain cool, People may be excessive in both, in praising you and in criticism as well.”

“Be a person with cool attitude and positive thoughts.”

“Don’t worry about what people think about you.”

not losing one's cool status

“Thanks for cool attitude and friendly behavior.”

“Follow cool attitude and be grateful person.”

cool status quotes on expectations
When it comes expectations then please don’t be extreme.

“Cool attitude is necessary for happiness and peace.”

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