10+ Busy Status for Whatsapp

“It is very easy to respond with ‘busy’ when someone needs your help but becomes very painful to hear response as ‘busy’ when you need help of someone.”

status quotes on being busy and productive

“I always prefer being productive rather than being busy.”

“I keep my self buys in working rather than roaming around for nothing or occasional working.”

busy status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“Worry gives you nothing but destroys your peace and keeps you busy in doping nothing.”

“Keep yourself busy in doing good deeds and spreading peace.”

“You should not keep yourself busy in doing interference in the affairs of other ones. You should have no business in the affairs of other ones.”

status quotes on busy for whatsapp and fb

“I don’t prefer being bored and stressful, what I prefer is being busy and productive in my work.”

“Worried life makes you busy for nothing, never be bored, be positive and move on..”

busy status messages for fb and whatsapp status

“If you looking for success then keep yourself buys in looking for success.”

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