10+ Busy Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some inspirational quotes and thoughts on busy life are as bellow:

“It is very easy to respond with ‘busy’ when someone needs your help but becomes very painful to hear response as ‘busy’ when you need help of someone.”

“I keep myself busy to stop from overthinking.”

“I live so much busy that I don’t find time to think about what others think about me.”

“I have never saw a too much busy person who was depressed or was getting anxiety attacks. Rule is simple, keep yourself busy and drive away to the depression and anxiety.”

“I focus on my job and live most of the time busy this is why I don’t have time to criticize others and I live in peace.”

“Busy people have no time to cry.”

keep busy quotes by Matt Lucas
Buys life removed any kind of depression.

“It is good to keep yourself busy doing good but you also arrange time to be good.”

“Sometimes we are so busy that we find no time to be grateful for what we have gotten.”

“No matter how much I am busy, I find time to read news paper.”

“I keep myself busy while making other plans, this is called life.”

busy surviving quotes
Don’t forget to live your life while you are busy with other plans.

“We are living in busy era in which science and technology is advancing rapidly.”

“Don’t be busy in being stressed, be busy doing something good.”

“Don’t keep yourself busy with overthinking.”

“Keep yourself busy but not under pressure.”

“I always love being busy, i feel sad when I don’t get assignment to keep myself busy.”

“I love being busy, I hate sitting idle.”

status quotes on being busy and productive
“I always prefer being productive rather than being busy.”

“I keep my self buys in working rather than roaming around for nothing or occasional working.”

busy status quotes for fb and whatsapp
Priority arranges time even if you are too much busy.

“Worry gives you nothing but destroys your peace and keeps you busy in doping nothing.”

“Keep yourself busy in doing good deeds and spreading peace.”

“You should not keep yourself busy in doing interference in the affairs of other ones. You should have no business in the affairs of other ones.”

status quotes on busy for whatsapp and fb
No one is too buys if they are really interested then they will arrange time for you.

“I don’t prefer being bored and stressful, what I prefer is being busy and productive in my work.”

“Worried life makes you busy for nothing, never be bored, be positive and move on..”

busy status messages for fb and whatsapp status
Don’t be too busy to deny your mistakes, put your ego aside, accept mistake and make corection.

“If you looking for success then keep yourself buys in looking for success.”

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