10+ Emotional Status for Whatsapp

Some emotional quotes and thoughts for whatsapp status are as follows:

“Today all my friends made me feel emotional.”

“It is not wise to make emotional decisions. Thoroughly think about things with peace of mind after that make any decision.”

emotional status in english
Never follow excessive behavior of being emotional , take decision with the wisdom and what is the best.

“Emotional pain is more hurtful and physical pains.”

“I am not here to keep filling someone people’s unhealed emotional void.”

emotional feeling status on friendship
It hurts alot and makes to feel lonely when someone becomes like a stranger whom you loved and taken care alot
emotional status for broken heart
“Please don’t leave when I am struggling with hardships and feeling heart-broken, Help me at the time of need and rescue me from bad situation.”

“I am trying to be good in controlling my emotions.”

“Going for a walk and meeting with friends significantly reduce emotional pain.”

status quotes on stronger than emotions

“Don’t emotionally hurt those who really care about you.”

“When I feel emotional then I stay silent.”

sad emotional whatsapp status quotes

“I feel deeply pained when someone betrays and hurt me, whom I trusted most.”

very emotional and sad status quotes for whatsapp

“Your promise for me nothing, if you continually break promise and my heart.”

“I know well how to control emotional feelings.”

emotional status messages in english

“I am sorry and feeling pain, you are not making any efforts to keep me with you.”

“I feel so sad when someone is gone from my life who was very big part of my life.”

“Today watched emotional speech ever.”

emotional status quotes for whatsapp

“It is easy to leave but it is not easy to forget.”

“Today I saw emotional to my one of the best friends, like never before.”

“What an emotional moment to be here.”

“Control you emotions and feelings.”

emotional feelings status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“Don’t make any serious decision just for a temporary emotion.”

“Reply with wisdom not with just emotion.”

“I notice once you became emotional to see the sufferings of poor people.”

“Passion and emotion both are different things, don’t mix them.”

“It seems you have emotional intelligence at very high level.”

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