10+ Status on time for Whatsapp

“It is better to wait for the right time rather than losing hope, Good things take time to happen.”

time quotes by William Penn
Time is very important in our life, don’t waste time, utilize time with wisdom.
time for change status for whatsapp
“When you get right time for change then move on to the right direction which may be good and useful for you.”
right time quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
successful status on time for fb and whatsapp

“I don’t waste my time with those who don’t care about me.”

“Don’t lose patience, with the times wound get headed and hardship ends.”

status on time exposes weak bonds and everything

“Know that value of time and never let anyone waste your time.”

“Know that you cannot go back time of your spent life and change the things that were done, so do things carefully and with wisdom.”

“To do good things, every time is good.”

status quotes about time management

“I used to waste my time arguing with fools to convince them until I realized it is waste of time .”

“The best thing about a hard time is that it shows the true face of people around you.”

“Don’t forget to make time for those who make time for you.”

time status quotes for whatsapp

“Don’t waste your too much time in convincing a fool who knows nothing but negative thoughts.”

We should not waste time and always should understand the value and importance of time in our life, Keep having patience good days are ahead.

“Don’t force anyone to make time for you, If they really love you then they will make time for you.”

positive status quotes on time
“Always avoid toxic people in your life and spend your time with positive ones only.”

“Don’t abandon your friends at the time of their hardship.”

“Don’t judge anyone by their acts of past, forget past and judge them how they are at present time.”

“Every time I thought I got a loss, but by the time I realized that it was not loss was blessed with something better.”

success time status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“Stay with your friends not only at a good time but also hard time as well.”

“Sometimes it is not best to wait for the time, Note that time is not waiting for you, so you need to wake up and get started.”

“Sometimes clothes and faces give wrong information but time tells the truth.”

motivational status quotes on time for fb and whatsapp

“You time is valuable, don’t waste it.”

“I really don’t grieve nor worry when I am having a hard time, because I believe after hardship comes ease.”

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