10+ Broken Heart Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some broken heart status are as follows:

“I feel heartbroken but don’t have time to be sad nor want to put myself in trouble to be stressed by overthinking.”

“My heart is broken but still wants you.”

“Sometimes tears of a broken heart build future happiness.”

“Take care your own heart and of others. never break any heart but try to mend every broken heart.”

“You cannot mend a broken heart as long as you are not breaking the hate and jealousy.”

“Love and respect can heal a broken heart but not money.”

“Never let a broken heart turn you a negative person.”

“Indeed, a broken heart hurts but you need to be patient.”

“Please don’t break more to already broken hearts.”

“Don’t leave anyone with a broken heart.”

“If your heart is broken, then stop thinking about the past, focus on present, sit with poor and needy people. Do charity works.”

mend a broken heart status
“Give pain to none and heal to everyone, If you see someone heartbroken then try to heal and mend.”
broken heart status for whatsapp
Don’t break any heart with your words and actions.

“Don’t break hearts because it is difficult to mend.”

status dp on broken heart for whatsapp
A broken heart brings worst situation but you need to be patient.

“Don’t be among the ones who break the heart but be among the ones who bend and heal the heart.”

heal broken heart status quotes for whatsapp
If you heart feels broken then stop overthinking and thinking about the past. Focus on the present and move on with a smiling face.

“If you feel heart broken then try to help yourself by forgetting the things that make you feel heart broken and don’t harm yourself more by worrying and remembering the past things that made you feel sad and heart-broken.”

sorry status for  broken heart
Sorry is not going to mend a broken heart, but you need to do more to fix a broken heart.

“True love never breaks heart but fake love does.”

broken heart messages for whatsapp
It is very hard to break my heart because I have patience.

“If your heart is broken then stop worrying and forget the past things that happened and caused to break your heart.”

broken heart status with quotes
It becomes very hard to live in peace for those who break a heart.

“Don’t love too much to the selfish people and those who pretend to love you to achieve their own goal.”

heart break status message
Sometimes over expectations break a heart.

“Never let your heart to break by expecting too much form others.”

“Broken heart is just like a broken mirror.”

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