10 + Best status lines for Whatsapp

“Be yourself and be not pervert.”

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When it comes to reply, then reply with the way that is good and with wisdom.
inspiring others status lines for whatsapp
Be an inspiration to others by the way you handle imperfection in your life.
best status line in english for fb and whatsapp status

“I am changing my life to become among the best people.”

my mom is the best
For me my mom is always is the best, She is always kind and supportive towards me, no matter what.
opportunity status quotes in english

“If you are at wrong path, and I do agree with you then this makes wrong to both of us.”

life status lines in english

“I try to speak the truth because of religious reasons.”

“Don’t follow Sarcasm nor do acts of sarcastic.”

best status lines on smile
“I put my sorrow, grief and hardships aside and keep smiling, it makes me strong and happy.”

“Just keep on dreaming high will not make you success, but sincere effort will make.”

“I wish I find friends around me who guide me with the message of truth.”

manipulative apology status line quotes for fb and whatsapp
“Just apology is not enough, you need to make positive changes in your behavior.”
best apology status lines

“Don’t hate the people who commit sins, but guide them and hate the sins.”

“Get impressed by the acts of good doers, not evil doers.”

“Work for what you don’t have and dreaming for it.”

“Pain of Discipline is better than pain of regret.”

“Life is very short, so don’t waste your time by doing evil, do good deeds and support the truth.”

“First practice in your life after that preaches.”

status lines on friends

“Sometimes Quiet people are having very fast mind.”

“I am responsible for everything whatever I have told, but I am not responsible what you understand.”

quiet mind status quotes

“Don’t compare your life with others; comparing life with others degrades your value.”

“If you has passion to do the things, never fear of failure, Learn from failure and move on.”

sweet status lines for whatsapp

“Too much Expectation brings bitterness, expect less, give more.”

“Accept the positive things and decline negativity.”

“Negative thoughts can never defeat postive thoughts.”

“Sometimes making chances becomes necessary to bring good outcomes.”

whatsapp status lines on patience

“Stop looking for the happiness in the source of evil.”

“Keep yourself so much busy improving yourself, that you don’t get time thinking about evil.”

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