10+ Pain Status quotes

I am here publishing some dps related pain but my dps are to reduce pain because worry gives nothing.

motivational status quotes on pain
Every pain is temporary and it doesn’t lasts forever, So stay strong and move on.
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I am good in handling and hiding the pains but also feel it.
pain is strength status
Pain and hardship of today will bring fruitful results for tomorrow.

“It is not my hobby to carry the pain and sufferings, but situations makes me to do.”

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“Learn from mistakes and endure the pain, mistakes help us to learn more while pain and hardship make us stronger.”

pain motivational status for whatsapp
“Keep enduring the pain and hardships, there will come a time when it will become strength for you.”

“Don’t grieve nor be sad. Write your stories with pen but not pain.”

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“Sometimes silence of a person expresses the pain of them.”

“Own people are those who come to help in hardship and share the pain by understanding the pain.”

“As much as It is as hard as to find someone, it is also as hard as to forget someone.”

“Nothing will give you pain like the things which did not say yet got blamed .”

“Don’t be sad. Write your stories with pen but not pain.”

painful status messages for whatsapp

“Don’t break hearts but try to mend the hearts. Telling just sorry is not enough if you have broken heart of anyone. You need to mend.”

“It gives too much pain when someone destroys your life and still says he is loved one for you.”

“I thought I will share you my pain nd sufferings but yet you did not ask me why you been so silent.”

“We see a lot of people who express love and are willing to share happiness but we vey hardly see the people who want to share sadness and sufferings.”

“Never underestimate the pain and suffering of any person, because in real, everyone is struggling. Some people are just better in hiding pains than others.”

“I don’t know why they feel my pain and suffering who once said we know you properly.”

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