10+ Inspirational Feeling Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some Inspirational feeling quotes for whatsapp status are as follows:

“Don’t be the reason someone feels bad, be the reason they feel good and happiness.”

make me feel quotes for whatsapp status
I like the way you impress me and make me feel better.
feelings change quotes for whatsapp status
“My feelings are changing in positive ways and it is good for me.”
feeling guilty quotes for whatsapp status

“I feel good with the people who put their pride and ego aside and talk with good manners.”

“I feel my self changing, I don’t gossip, and don’t even laugh the same way, I am striving to be a decent me.”

“I feel changing in positive and good ways in my feelings, and I am loving every moment of it.”

feeling whatsapp status download

“It becomes saddest moment and worst feeling when you are in need but you look around and find that no one is ready to help you even your closed ones deny to help you.”

“Don’t play with my feelings and emotions.”

“I feel very bad with the behavior of my closed people who cannot change themselves for making their life better.”

“If you want a health relationship then never let them feel alone, keep reminding them that you are always with them at the time of their need.”

“Now I am feeling happy and amazing once again.”

“Sometimes we go through a feelings that we want them to know but we don’t like to tell them.”

true feelings quotes for whatsapp status

“Sometimes I feel that everyone else is moving on with their goal and I feel am stuck here.”

“A mind with full of negative thoughts can never give you positive and positive feeling, So say no to negative thoughts.”

“I hope you guys are fine and feeling amazing today.”

“Getting ignored by someone who you love most, brings very painful feelings.”

“When I am feeling bored in my life then I change plan, meet my loved ones and read some motivational books.”

stop feelings quotes

“Thanks for letting me know how you positive and awesome feelings you are having for me.”

“Sometimes we have to hide our feelings and emotions from other ones.”

“I feel, I am feeling very good and cool today.”

“Depression and anxiety bring worst feelings in our life, say no to depression and anxiety.”

lonely feeling quotes for whatsapp status
“Whenever I feel lonely, I keep myself busy doing things of my part.”

“Feeling loved by my loved ones is one of the best feelings of mine that I always need.”

“Feelings are temporary they come and go in our life.”

“I identify the things by the way it feels.”

Status on feeling good like i should
Right now I am feeling the way i was willing, my feeling is very good.

“I never feel sorry for telling the truth at the face of liars.”

“Life is too short, so go good deeds, stay positive and feel positive.”

“It brings one of the worst feelings when someone comes to you and makes you feel like very special for them yesterday but they make you feel that they don’t know about you today.”

“I wish you leave your worries and anxiety and feel awesome.”

“Try to be stronger than you feel, because you deserve more.”

feeling depressed status for whatsapp and fb

“I don’t like to talk with others about my feelings and the problems I face.”

“I am feeling bad of being sad, quitting sadness now.”

“Sometimes I feel very bad of being alone.”

“Sometimes we have to hide our own feelings to make comfortable to other ones.”

“Now I am feeling bad of crying, quitting crying now.”

“Now I am feeling bad of my angry behavior, now leaving my angry behavior forever.”

“I am feeling bad about my crazy behavior, now leaving crazy behavior forever.”

“I feel very sorry for bringing you in this situation.”

“Now I am feeling very bad of being stuck for nothing.”

“Now, I feel bad of remembering the ones who never remember me.”

“Now, I feel bad about calling for help from those who never provide help.”

status thoughts on feelings, thinking, and speaking

“Now I feel bad about missing about the things which are useless for me.”

“I always feel good of being unique and different.”

“I keep busy myself in my work so never feel alone.”

“Now, I feel bad about missing the people who never care about me.”

“I never feel worthless, I know my values, I am happy with myself.”

feeling special quotes for whatsapp status
“I am feeling so special, I will miss you all.”

“I never feel empty from inside, Always stand as a energy person.”

“I feel sorry for not being able to help you with whatever you needed.”

“I am sorry for letting you go without with providing you required help.”

“I feel bad about dreaming about the things which are not useful for me.”

“Sometimes words spoken from your mouth reveal how you have been feeling.”

status quotes on feeling inferior

“Don’t let your loneliness to make you feel sad.”

“I choose to embrace good people who make my feelings good.”

“I feel awesome and appreciate for everything I have gotten from you.”

“I feel proud to see you on positive path.”

“I feel good roaming with my real friends.”

“The more I forget past, the better I feel.”

“I leave everything that makes me feel bad.”

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