10+ The best status ever

“First time ever I see engagement on my whatsapp status.”

“People with pure hearts and supporters of truth best people ever.”

“The hardest time, I have ever experienced.”

best status ever in english

“I got my stuffs Strongest and best than ever before.”

“When I realized that truth brings peace in our heart, ever since I have been trying to follow it.”

“Today, I have seen best performance of yours ever.”

“No one will ever realize the need of a needy person unless/until he becomes a needy person.”

“Walking in the morning is the best thing ever for the health.”

“Keeping silent in front of fools is the best idea, I have ever had.”

“I have ever met a nice person like you.”

“If I ever stay with you, then arrange simple food.”

“If you ever hear news then verify it before spread it, Don’t spread rumor.”

“It is worst thing I have ever heard from your mouth, please repent and regret for it.”

“Getting snub gives worst feeling ever.”

“Do you ever look at your own faults, when you seek faults in others?”

“Don’t do ever anything which may pain your family or loved ones.”

“A pretty flower like this, I have ever seen.”

“Everyone is recommended to say away from my status who ever dislikes my thoughts and views.”

“It is the easiest things ever to point fingers on others but toughest is to accept the truth.”

“You have ever showed ever extra ordinary performance.”

“Now, you have ever realized my suggestion were useful for you.”

“I have ever seen such honest people who don’t shy to accept their own faults and make correction.”

“No one ever is too free nor nor too busy, It is all about priority.”

“I have got one of the best things ever as a gift from my one of the beloved friends.”

“Now I need your support more than ever.”

“Never ever mix truth with falsehood. Always speak the truth and follow the truth, never ever abandon speaking the truth.”

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