10+ Inspirational Choice Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some choice quotes for whatsapp status are as follows:

“Always choose your words carefully with the wisdom and the way that is best so that no one could twist the same.”

“Our choice should be to lift others to rise ourselves.”

“Everyday brings an opportunity for us to make different choices in our life.”

“My choices determine outcomes and my destiny.”

“Our choices build our life.”

“My today is built with the choices I made yesterday.”

“Our life is based on your choices, make choices carefully and with wisdom.”

my choice status quotes for whatsapp
Don’t let your any choice to harm anyone, keep your choice positive and decent.
choice quotes by mandela
Let choice reflect hopes but not fears.
status quotes on choices in life
We are supposed to make choices in every step of life, choose but with wisdom and carefully.
option choice status quotes for fb and whatsapp
“Don’t treat anyone like an option otherwise they could leave you like a choice.”
choice status quotes
“No matter what choice you make it doesn’t define you.”

“Life is filled of choice. Choose it but with wisdom and carefully.”

whatsapp status quotes on choice
Whatever you choose in your life has a redefection.

“Choose path of the truth at the time of making a choice.”

choice-status in english
I pray that my choices reflect my hopes but not fears.
bad choice quotes for whatsapp status
“Make choice by taking care of situation and with the wisdom.”

“I can go ahead with your choice as long as it is positive and useful.”

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