20+ Heart Status Messages for Whatsapp

Some inspirational and motivational heart quotes and thoughts are as follows:

“Your heart decides who you like to be in in your life.”

“Put aside the arrogance of your heart, stay positive and supportive.”

“Leave negative and selfish people aside before they break your heart.”

“We all need to know that everyone is not having the same heart.”

“Make your heart big enough to help the poor and needy people.”

heart quotes by Goethe
Always keep having positive and good things in your heart.
happy and good heart status
A pure heart is a good heart and it makes us happy.
heart quotes in english for whatsapp status
Always give gift with love and pure heart.
best whatsapp status quotes on heart
Be patient and don’t stress about the things that are out of your control.

“Stay cool and forget the things which are not under your control.”

heart touching lines on hurt
Don’t hurt anyone nor break a heart.

“Talk people the way that you win their heart.”

heart touching status on life
Don’t carry a bunch of tension, forgive the ones who wronged you and move on.

“Never let hard time break your heart, Move on no matter what.”

heart status message for whatsapp
Always take care of well being of your heart and make sure that it is always OK

“You have a big heart, who don’t see race or religion when it comes humanity.”

mend broken heart status
I don’t break a heart, but yes love to mend a broken heart.

“Keep your heart clean and don’t let people to pollute your heart.”

heart touching status quotes on maturity
If you feel offended with the action of someone then try to understand their situations, don’t hurt them the same of they did you.

“Keep your heart pure, Pure and good heart brings peace and happiness .”

“You have very amazing and generous heart because you take care of humanity.”

“Don’t use your pretty face to play with heart of someone.”

“People with good heart have positive attitude.”

“Fill your heart with positive thinking.”

my heart status
I don’t expect from someone to break my heart, What i expect that they mend my heart.

“Keep taking care of heart and feelings of your family and friends.”

“A good heart encourages you to help and give too much.”

“I welcome you guys from the bottom of my heart.”

“A person is better with pretty heart than pretty face.”

“Don’t break heart of others but mend and heal always.”

“There is not darkens where people are economically poor, but darkness is there where people are poor with their hearts.”

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