10+ Status on Girls

“Female foeticide is a heinous crime, Don’t kill your daughters just because they got birth as baby girl.”

“Bad influence of dowry, dowry is a threat fir girls.”

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“Always respect girls, no matter whether they are from your family or not.”

“Respect women in your family and society and save girls.”

“Every girl deserves better future. focus on girls education and empowerment.”

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“Save girls and educate girls.”

“Girls are blessings, those parents are blessed who hjave daughters.”

“Blessed fathers have girls in their luck.”

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“Every girl is beautiful in her own ways so a girl should not compare herself with another.”

“Girls education plays very important role in the family, educating a girl is like educating a family.”

“Shyness and Modesty is the jewelry for the girls.”

“We need not to point fingers on girls but we need to educate our society how to behave and respect girls.”

“They are good people and deserve respect that help, respect and protect girls.”

“Read Girly Status and save girls.”

“Girls are not burden on the family but they are pride and blessing for the family.”

“Those girls who don’t expect more, they deserve more.”

“Don’t force a girl for dowry nor oppress her, Those who demand dowry are just like beggars.”

“Don’t consider daughters as the burden of the house but considers them as blessings.”

“Work for the safety of girls and women.”

“Save the girls from the serious consequences of female feticide.”

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