10+ Status about me

“Please, tell me about the things that make you hate about me.”

status on what i want and what I don't want

“I choose my habits very carefully, because they help me in building my future.”

myself status quotes by Benjamin Franklin for whatsapp

“Tell me one work about me that makes me happy.”

i prefer honesty quotes for whatsapp status

“I am very happy, excited and feel honored to spend such wonderful time with you.”

i am grateful thank you status quotes

“Don’t make up fake stories about me just for money or to please someone.”

“Tell me something about me that you like most.”

“I have learned a lot by living with you, I am striving to be a decent person like you.”

copy me status in english

“I have faced my storms/hardships in my life but such storms made me stronger.”

“I am striving to change my living and life style.”

“Tell me something about me that you hate most.”

about me status lines for whatsapp

“I hope you will still care about me.”

“I will tell you some  about my background but later.”

“If you see I am doing bad, then complain me about me and none.”

“If you don’t know about me then don’t preach about me.”

“Don’t worry about me, I am fine and hope the same for you.”

status on i like such people

“If you knew about me, you must have been postive about me.”

“Don’t spread lies about me.”

“Please don’t forget to tell them about me and deliver my message to them.”

“Give me your opnion about my attitude and behaviour.”

“No matter what they say about me, I donot care.”

i don't compete quotes fpr whatsapp status

“Don’t pretend that you take care about me while you don’t.”

“You are not all about me, You don’t know everything about me.”

“I don’t care what you say about me, I just want you don’t insult my belief.”

friend circle status quotes

“Don’t let them give fake news bout me and misguide you about me.”

“I want that you worry about you and let me worry about me.”

“My family cares about me.”

“My mind wanders and I feel sad when you are unhappy with me.”

“I wish my heart becomes brave enough who forgives everyone.”

“I don’t like see you in sad mood, be happy please.”

“Tell my my faults to me and none, because I am the person who will make correction in my but not the people.”

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