10+ Forgiveness Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some forgiveness quotes for status are as follows:

“Forgiveness plays a major role in building a healthy relationship.”

“No matter whether you want reconnect or not, forgive and forget.”

Indira Gandhi quotes on forgiveness
Forgiveness is a greatest quality of a brave person.

“Forgiveness is far better than revenges.”

“Forgiveness brings peace while revenge brings destruction.”

“Forgiveness is just like a gift, give and take this gift please.”

forgiveness love quotes
Forgiveness is a kind of love, Brave people offer it.

“Be tolerative and choose forgiveness in your life.”

“Forgiveness makes you stress-free and saves from any kind of revenge.”

“By choosing Forgiveness, we defeater our negative ego.”

forgive quotes for whatsapp
I forgive, but I don’t forget to learn a lesson from the happened things.
status quotes on forgiveness and revenge
Don’t seek revenge but find a way to forgive and forget.
whatsapp status on forgive
Forgive everyone who have wronged you or given any sort of pain in your life.
Download forgiveness status for whatsapp
“If you really love and respect yourself, and want peace in your life then forgive others.”
forgive quotes status
Forgive others for the sake of yourself, When you forgive a person then it brings peace inside you.

“Forgiveness is an act of greatness so forgive others and become a great person.”

“Forgive others no matter what. It will bring peace inside you.”

status for forgiveness for ahatsapp
Forgive, forget and sleep well.

“Forgive everyone before going at bed and sleep with clean heart.”

status on benefit of forgiveness
Forging other makes your health better.

“If you forgive the people this doesn’t mean that you accept their faults or agree with their behavior but But you forgive them to get peace and move on with your own life.”

forgiving is not weakness
Forgiving the people is not the weakness but is a strength. Brave people forgive others

“Forgive people quickly and leave grudge, forgiveness brings peace inside you, it is not a weakness but it is a kind of strength.”

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