10+ Ego status in English for Whatsapp

Some ego status are as follows:

“Control your anger and ego.”

“When ego is with you then your heart becomes like sick.”

ego in relationship status quotes

“Put your ego aside otherwise it could destroy your relationship.”

ego heart status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“Say no to ego as it breaks heart and relationship.”

ego status for whatsapp

“Donot let wealth and money bring ego inside you.”

“Put ego aside and accept the suggestions and corrections.”

“Donot undermine the peace process just becuse of your ego.”

“Put ego aside, respect others to gain respect.”

“Be humble and quit the ego.”

“Absence of ego brings peace inside your heart, leave ego.”

“Don’t let your ego to destroy your inner peace.”

love ego status quotes for whatsapp and fb

“Love and ego both have different path and walk, you cannot put them together.”

“Donot let grow the ego inside you, it will destry you inner peace.”

“Vale the relationship and abndon teh ego.”

“Value the relationship over ego; and apologize if someone got pain becuase of you.”

“apologizing always doenot mean that you were wrong but sometines it means that you have no ego, you give value to relationship over ego.”

“Value your friendship over ego.”

“Respect your elders, and say no to ego.”

“Ego and peace both cannot be at the same place.”

“Dnot let ego to define your life.”

“Donot lose your loved ones just becuse of ego.”

“Be humable, speak good words and say no to ego.”

“Donot let your ego defeat your inner peace.”

“Donot be slave of your ego.”

“If someone corrects you then accept the correction and thank to him, regardless the ego.”

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