10+Sad sms for Wahstaapp Status

If you feel sad then I will say you don’t give nor be sad but go ahead through patience an prayers. I am here going to publish some dp to reduce your sadness but not to increase because feeling sad brings nothing good in life but it creates more and more trouble so why feel sad? Be happy no matter what and help yourself.

sms about sad moment
“Don’t decide anything when you are sad.”

“I am feeling sad because my friends are not texting me message.”

“My attitude gets changed when I am sad.”

“No matter how painful reel life story is, don’t feel sad no grieve.”

“When I feel sad, I go for a walk.”

“Focus on present and don’t feel sad nor be scared.”

“Sometimes sitting alone removes sadness.”

sad sms thoughts
Sadness brings unhappy thoughts.

“Don’t feel sad nor down even if you look around and realize that there is not even single person to help you. Note that after hardship comes ease so have patience.”

sad sms on friendship
I feel sad to see friends turning into stranger.

“If you want to leave anger then first leave sadness.”

“Note that not your all days in life will be same. But it will be something like a day of sadness, a day of pain, a day of profit, a day of loss. This is a life cycle so don’t grieve nor be sad.”

“Keep having thousands of friends to share happiness but never forget to remember be to share your sadness.”

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“If you make any mistake in your life then don’t be sad but try to correct yourself. If you will ignore sadness and just focus on correcting then it will make you more stronger.”

“Don’t be sad nor grieve if any person dislikes you. Note that everyone don’t have good taste.”

“You don’t need someone to be pretty or in worst kind of trouble to care for them.”

“Please don’t leave me alone when I facing hardships and trials and I am at my darkest. I need your help, please help me.”

“Don’t be sad no matter people understand you or not. Keep move on.”

“Excessive behavior is not good. Never over-love a person, never over-think in your life, Never over-trust a person.”

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