10+ One line status Whatsapp

“Keep calm and mind your own business.”

“Peace begins with the patience and act of forgiveness.”

“Problem is not problem but over reaction is the problem.”

“Allow yourself to live in peace and grow.”

misunderstanding status for whatsapp in English
Never let misunderstandings to create differences and make apart.

“Stop overthinking, Live positive and don’t think about that happened in the past.”

“Don’t force always to agree with you because sometimes it happens like if I do then we both would be wrong.”

“Guess could lead you wrong path but experience will never.”

“Forgive and forget, Don’t plan to teach a lesson if someone did wrong with you.”

one (1) line status on maturity for whatsapp
When it come about relationship then Know that just love is not enough, you must bear your responsibilities as well.
best status one line

“If you do good deeds then it will bear good fruits.”

one line status on time for whatsapp

“Remain honest and decent, Speak the truth and save time of everyone.”

one line status quotes on words and behavior

“Positive life comes when you put end to negative thoughts and attitude in your life.”

one line status in english for fb and whatsapp

“Sometimes pains and hardships come in our life to bring changes in our life.”

“We all face failure in our life, but in different ways.”

“If you want to see good in this world then start doing good and supporting the truth.”

“Take failure as learning experience.”

one line decent status messages

“Sometimes you have to walk alone, no matter what situation is.”

“Don’t lose hope; know that beginning is always hardest.”

“Laugh at your own problems but not at others.”

“The eyes become useless when our heart becomes blind.”

“If we are learning from the mistakes of others then why we are not appreciating to them?.”

“If you got ignored then don’t mind it, put your efforts to build your own identity.”

“Please don’t interrupt people while they are speaking.”

motivational one line status status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“Don’t worry about those who snub you.”

“Try to be real but not fake.”

one life status on precautions
Never forget to have precautions at every steps of your life.

“Defeat your enemies with your success and good deeds but not hate or violence.”

“Try your best to post positive status.”

“Don’t worry nor regret for your past, just forget it and move on doing good deeds.”

“Know that money is not everything, you cannot buy everything with money.”

one line status on friends

“I am responsible for just my actions, but what is happening around.”

“If you get tired convincing a fool then know that silence is the best reply for him.”

“Success takes time and it comes from the group of efforts.”

“If you are willing something good to happen in your life then stay positive and keep doing good to others.”

“Try to express the things to the people, not impress the people.”

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