10+ Whatsapp Status quotes About Parents

Some status on parents are as follows you can use to set your social media status like whats app, Facebook, twitter etc:

“May our parents have good health and righteous life.”

“Parents are one of the greatest blessings from the Almighty God, stay grateful and take care of the parents.”

“Your money cannot make happy to your parents but your love can.”

“Never call your parents with their name because it is weird and disrespectful.”

“Stay grateful and be obedient to your parents.”

“It is a wonderful moment when you see that your parents are praying for you.”

“Parents love heals all kind of pains.”

i love you mom and dad
Always love and support your mom and dad, no matter what.

“My parents’ guiding hands are always on my shoulder.”

love your parents status quotes for fb and whatsapp
Love and support your growing old parents.

“May my parents live long life with good health and see my success.”

“People know how much their parents love them when they become parents as well.”

be with your parents quotes for wahtsapp status
Your parents took care when you were too young, now it is your responsibility to take care of your parents when they are growing old.

“Love your parents fiercely and daily, and pray for them.”

download whatsapp status quotes for parents
Indeed, parents are the greatest role model for their children. So Parents are supposed to appear as a good person inform of their children.

“Serve your parents not in just in their old age but always but make sure that you focus more in their old age.”

“You need to get blessings of your parents in every situation, no matter what.”

“When I see my parents are happy with me then this increases more in the happiness of mine.”

parents status image
Never show anger on your parents to please others, your parents made a lot of effort in building your life. Now it is your responsibility to take care of them.

“Don’t use hard words for your parents, Know they taught you how to walk and they are the ones who always want you to see on the peak of success.”

“You parents are blessings for you so don’t do delay in showing love to them.”

“You can find thousands of people around you, But you will never find people like your parents who forgive thousands of faults of yours and pray for you.”

status quotes on parents are the best teachers
All the parents are the best teacher for their children. parents are supposed to stay a decent person in front of their children.

“Parents strive to make their children better than them. It is parents who love to see their children growing and on the peak of success.”

“I feel very good when When I am around my parents.”

“If your parents are alive then this is a blessing from Allah (God).”

“May our parents live log age with good health and righteous life.”

“Rise on the peak of success by doing good deeds and make your parents proud of you.”

status on parents for whatsapp
Never forget your parents who supported you at every moment.

“Parents are blessings, Take care of your parents and pray for them.”

“May parents are not economically rich but their love for me is definitely rich.”

“Every parents want peace, unity, brotherhood and quiet among their children.”

“Your parents are the ones who brought you up, do something to bring smile on their faces.”

“Appreciate your parents for everything they have done for you, and they have been doing for you.”

nice status for parents for whatsapp
No parent how old parents has become, they are always ready to help and support their children.

“I am grateful of my parents as they did their best to raise me up and they helped in with every step of my life.”

“I am grateful of my parents that they still love and care me the way they used to love and care me during the time of my childhood.”

“I am grateful of my parents for providing me moral education and tell me what is right and what is wrong.”

love of parents status quotes
Being a parent teaches people, how much parents love their children

“I am grateful of my parents for all the opportunities they provided in my life.”

“I am grateful of my parents as they always pray Allah for my well-being.”

“well-being of parents is more important than money.”

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