10+ Inspirational Islamic quotes

Some motivational and inspirational Islamic quotes will be uploaded here:

Islam is a greatest source of wisdom. When you put sincere efforts to find the truth then truth automatically becomes hungry to get closer to you. Truth leads you to monotheism. Monotheism brings endurance and grateful behavior in you, a grateful behavior is a greatest source of inner peace. Know that Islam is the only monotheist region.

Islamic quote by Daniel Haqiqatjou

“May Allah grant us believers with the blessings of understanding of Islam and with safety, security and protect our people .”

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Islam guides you to the path of truth and it eradicates racism from the society.

“Our heart finds peace in the remembrance of Allah.”

“Speak the way that is the best.”

“For the Muslims, Islam is a greatest gift and wealth from Allah, so never never think that you are poor!. real richness is the richness o imaan.”

“Donot let shaytan waste your time, Keep yourself busy in the remembranceof Allah.”

“May Allah bless us with tawakkul and Sabr.”

Islamic Quran quote
Learn Quran, Read Quran and teach others, There is a guidance in the Quran for the mankind.

“Reading and teaching Quran makes you a a best person.”

“Dhikr of Allah brings peace and happiness inside us, Obey Allah and do dhikr. Dkhir of Allah will save you from hell-fire.”

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“If you want Allah help you then do what Allah wants.”

“If you are facing hardships and trials then be patient, Put trust in Allah. Allah will change your situation.”

“Don’t follow the crowd but follow the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. If you will follow the crowd then you will get deviated, To save you from deviation, follow teachings of Quran and Sunnah.”

“Sa No to anger, If you ever get angry then be quiet and seek refuge in Allah.”

“Allah is one who created mankind in the best form.”

“Spend in the cause of Allah from whatever Allah has given you.”

“May Allah make us muttaqin.”

“May Allah give me hidayah to offer Salat 5 times a day.”

“Alway talk about the things what benefits you and the Muslims and avoid unnecessary talks.”

“May Allah reward us all for all the good deeds we have done and forgive our sins.”

Islamic quotes on being forgiving

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