10+ Friendship quotes for Whatsapp status

Some friendship status are as follow:

“Change your behavior instead of changing friends.”

“When it comes finding a best friend then try to find love and friendship in the same person.”

“If you do friendship then carry it on, No friendship should be draining.”

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“Friendship is not begged but it is built automatically when mutual love, respect and trust is built.”

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“If you want carry good friendship with you friend then never become friend of enemy of your friend.”

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Indeed, real friends are those who help during the times of needs
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“I will never prefer to lose you because you are one of the best friends, if I lose then I will lose a true and loyal friend who helps, motivates, guides me at every steps and is a reason of my smile for me.”

friendship status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“Real friends will never leave you alone, no matter what, they share not just good times with you but bad times as well.”

“I don’t do friendship with the ones who have ego and pride in their heart.”

“When it comes building a healthy friendship then you should not forget the role of compatibility.”

“To live alone is better than bad company.”

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“Sometimes even a single smile is enough to start a friendship and even s single word is enough to break the friendship.”

“Friendship has no border.”

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“Always value and take care of your real friends who are loyal and honest in friendship.”

“Sometimes ego breaks the friendship.”

“One-sided friendship where you or other side are/is the only one person who is putting efforts to carry on friendship is not last longer.”

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“Bad times give you an opportunity to test the friendship; Bad times show the true face of friends.”

“I never trust a friend who is also friend of my enemy and chills them.”

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It is very hard to find a good friend, those who lucky ones who have good frends.

“Sometimes you have to leave some of your friends not because you don’t care about them but because they don’t care about you.”

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“It is very hard to find best and loyal friends, so if you find them then keep them.”

“Love, respect and trust makes a relationship more stronger.”

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