10+ Children Status quotes for Whatsapp

“Children are the ones who define the future and are face of tomorrow so it is your responsibility to take care of to your children’s aspiration.”

spending time with child quotes for whatsapp status
Just spending money on chidden is not enough, You need to spend you time as well.

“Children need to be loved so love and care them a lot.”

“Teach your children to put their ego aside.”

“Children learn a lot from their parents so parents are supposed to be a good person in front of them because they are watching them. Parents should not be worried about that their children are not listening them but should be worried about that they are watching them.”

“Teach your children that skills are taught but lessons are learned.”

“Teach your children to be themselves and not to compare with others.”

“Teach your children to be a respectful and obedient person.”

“Teach your children to be honest, kind and a good person but never allow anyone to put them down.”

“Teach your children your experience and also teach them how to avoid mistakes in their life.”

“Teach your children to be honest and decent.”

“Teach your children to speak the truth with wisdom and they way that is best.”

children life status quote
Try to make your children better than you.

“Teach your children self love, self respect and self care.”

“Teach your children about failures in life and how to deal with them.”

“Children should never be afraid of to make mistakes in their answers.”

“Teach your children be kind and be good with their friends and everyone.”

“Teach your children to value their time.”

status quotes on child-visions
Offer good visions for your children and shape their future.

“Teach your children love, respect, empathy, kindness, helping and treating everyone equally they meet in their life.”

“Teach your children to trust their parents and none in this world.”

“Teach your children to be kind with those who even are not.”

“Teach your children not to trust strangers no matter how they behave.”

“Teach your children to always do right thing with right intention.”

“Teach your children to learn from mistakes and not to be scared of mistakes.”

“Teach your children that their goal exits in hard zone but not in comfort zone.”

“Teach your children self awareness.”

“Teach your children to value their time and forgive themselves for any mistake in their life.”

“Teach your children to respect their life and struggle.”

“Teach your children to believe people for their actions but not words.”

“Teach your children to respect elders.”

“Teach your children how to respect others.”

“Teach your children that knowledge is the power.”

“Teach your children not to take anything personal.”

“Teach your children self-worth and self-confidence.”

status quotes on children are our future
Children are our future, so never ignore their education and well beings, Take care of them and provide them with everything whatever they need to grow and a successful person.

“Children are always eager to defeat everyone.”

childhood swing quotes
Children are always fond of swing. When they are grown and become adult then they miss it and such a wonderful life.

“Sometimes, we see the children of the rich people are crying for toys and the children of the poor crying for food and cloths, Help poor and needy people.”

child parent status quotes
If you want to seek attention of your children then you are supposed to sit down with them.

“Don’t beat your children but guide and educate them.”

happy status quotes on children for whatsapp
Make your children happy, they will become good person.

“Don’t let your children involve in laborer works but let them involved in education.”

status quotes on basic education of children
“Basic education of children starts from home.”

“When you are wrong in front of children then don’t forget to apologize to them and admit your mistakes openly to them.”

“Never assume that you have more wisdom and smartness than a child just because of you are older than a child.”

happy kids/children status quotes
Parents have amazing feelings to see the happy and smiling face of their children.

“Don’t forget to appreciate to the children by saying thanks when they do something good for you.”

“Listen your children and guide them with wisdom and the way that is best, and never become aggressive towards the children.”

“Learn how to be happy from children.”

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“Help children to achieve their positive goal.”

“Teat your children just like a friend and don’t be aggressive in behavior.”

“Help those children who have lost their parents.”

children mimics quotes for whatsapp status
Children always copy their parents, no matter what.

“If children live in the environment of criticism then they learn to condemn.”

“If children live in the environment of hostility then they learn to fight.”

“If children live in the environment of fear then they learn apprehensive.”

“If children live in the environment of pity then they learn sorry for themselves.”

“If children live in the environment of jealousy then they learn envy.”

“If children live in the environment of shame then they learn feel guilty.”

“If children live in the environment of encouragement then they learn to be confident.”

child life quotes
Teach good conducts and manners to your children so that they could be a good human being tomorrow.

“If children live in the environment of tolerance then they learn to be patient.”

“If children live in the environment of praise then they learn to appreciate.”

“If children live in the environment of acceptance then they learn to love.”

spend time with child quotes
Focus more on spending time on your child than spending your money.

“If children live in the environment of recognition then they learn to heave a goal.”

“If children live in the environment of sharing and helping hands then they learn about generosity.”

“If children live in the environment of honesty and fairness then they learn to speak truth and justice.”

“If children live in friendliness environment then they learn that world is a nice place to live.”

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