10+ Two line Status Quotes

Here are Some two line status quotes, We will upload more status quotes soon. Feel free to download our 2 liner quotes and thoughts and share on your whatsapp status.

“Don’t try to become so rich person, We poor people leave costly things.”

2 line status quote on expectations
Never be excessive in expectations in your life.

“My friend asked me, how are you? I responded him with the message” I am such a person that you cannot forget me.”

2 line status on maturity status for whatsapp
Try to become mature enough to ignore patiently those who ignore to you.
2 line status on love and friendship
true love is rare and true friendship is rarer…

“Change your thoughts and mind, it will change your life.”

2 line impress status for whatsapp status
“I don’t get impressed by the way you preach and look but I get impressed by your actions and the way you behave to other ones.”
two line status on honesty for whatsapp
“If you want to remain associated with me then be honest otherwise feel free to say goodbye.”
2 line status quotes on be you and don't compare
“Don’t try to copy to others, Be proud of being you, don’t compare your life to others, world will adjust and accept you as it is you are.”

“Share your happiness with your family and loved ones as it will never decrease by sharing with the people.”

people change status quotes for whatsapp
Don’t strive to change their actions but strive to respond with wisdom and the way that is good.
two line status quotes on life in english
I forgive the people but don’t forget the lesson I have leant.

“It doesn’t matter how many friends you have, but what matters is that how many good friends you have.”

two line status on eyes for fb and whatsapp
People have different views to see the same thing. know that every person is unique and they have different view
two (2) line motivational status quotes for fb and whatsapp
“Be a self respective person and Always recognize your worth and value. If you will not then no one will.”
two (2) line inspirational status quotes for fb and whatsapp
“If endure and keep quiet then this don’t mean that I am blind.”
2 line attention status in english for fb and whatsapp
“I never like a situation where I am supposed to ask for attention, If I know there could happen then I don’t go there.”
2 line positive status in english
Stay positive and Be thankful for the every hardships you faced in your life.
2 line status quotes on plans
Let the success make loud but not your plans.

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