10+Inspirational quotes on poverty

A person could be considered as a poor person when he is unable to fulfill basic needs and necessities of his life for example food, house etc.
When a person is facing issues in full filing these basic needs including education for children then also he could be considered as a poor person. It is the greatest responsibility of rich people to help poor people in eradicating their poverty.

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poverty quotes by aristotle
poverty exists not because quote
Focus on feeding the poor and needy people.

“If your neighbor or any relative is poor then it is your responsibility to help them at the time of need and work with them to remove poverty from them.”

“No matter whether you are poor or rich, you everywhere deserve to live with respect and dignity.”

quotes on poverty is not a disgrace
Never consider poverty as a form of disgrace…

“If you got birth in a poor family then don’t lose hope nor be sad, work hard with wisdom and honesty to remove poverty.”

“Help poor and needy people, your heart will find peace and happiness.”

gandhi poverty quotes
Don’t let poverty harm to a mankind, help the poor and needy people.

“Poverty is not just a social problem but is an individual problem as well, so if you are poor then keep striving to eliminate the poverty.”

“Quit your lazy behavior and work hard to eliminate your poverty.”

“If you want grow rich, abandon your lazibehavior”

poverty quotes in english

If you are a rich person then it is your responsibility to help poor and needy people.

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