10+ Inspirational positive status quotes for Whatsapp

Some motivational and inspirational positive quotes for WhatsApp status are being uploaded here. Please read positive quotes and share our web page on different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter etc. so that positive quotes could reach to your friends, family, relatives and other loved ones.

“If you will keep counting and remembering your all the sad moments and sad stories then you could forget your happy moment and happy stories. Forget sad moments and sad stories, remember and count good and happy mounts and stories.”

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positive quotes on to avoid arguments
positive whatsapp status quotes on politeness

Treat everyman kind with your polite, kind and decent behavior.

“Patience is not weakness but is a kind of strength.”

“Leave ungrateful behavior and show appreciation.”

“Don’t introduce yourself, let your success introduce you.”

positive status quotes on kindness for whatsapp

Every acts of kindness is worth no matter how small it is.

“Live at present moment and stop overthinking about the things happened in past.”

“Every hardship and bad time hurts us but it leaves us by teaching us a good lesson.”

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positive status quotes on power for whatsapp

Use your power with wisdom and the way that is the best and live a peaceful life.

“No hardship or bad time is last longer, it is finished with the time.”

“Don’t burn your energy by overthinking and worry.”

“Read good books and don’t be excessive in using social media.”

positive status quotes on apology

Don’t become shy to say sorry when you are wrong. Correct yourself and apologize quickly when you are wrong.

“Be patient, invest in yourself, Stay cool and practice positivism in your life.”

“If your heart is pure and speak the truth then you have nothing to remember.”

positive quotes self care for WhatsApp status

Care of self-care and silently ignore and leave behind the ones who think bad about you.

“There is no age limit to learn the things, keep learning new things every day.”

“Never undermine self-love, self-care and self-respect.”

“Try to become a good person, love to everyone and hate to none.”

positive status quote on good deeds for whatsapp

Do good deeds to serve humanity and but not just for show-off.

“Be authentic and avoid spreading any kind of fake news.”

“Improve your behavior and become a good person in front of you and others.”

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