Elon Musk’s Quotes for motivation and inspiration

Elon Musk is a successful business magnate, investor and CEO of Tesla Motors.
He was burned on 28 June 1971 (Now aged 52 years), Pretoria, South Africa.

Some motivational and inspirational Elon Musk’s quotes are being uploaded here and soon will be uploaded more.

elon musk quotes quotes on worldly things
Don’t let bad things of this world demotivate you, know that there are good things available as well.
elon musk quotes on important things
If you have something good and important enough then focus on that even if there are some odd people against it.
inspirational life quote by elon musk
Life is too short so live a positive life, put your ego and grudged aside.
elon musk quotes on heart
Be a positive and decent person and have a good heart.
quotes on change by Elon Musk
Don’t fear of change. strive for change for better performance.
Elon Musk quotes on college life
Always strive to bring change in the world, But change should be for good.

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