10+ Status on hard work for Whatsapp

“Hard work is one of the most important keys of success.”

“Hard work and dedication is very important to attain the success.”

hard work pays off status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“An ignorant becomes knowledgeable by doing just hard work.”

“Hard work has ability to defeat the talent.”

“You cannot abandon hard-work to gain success, no mater how talented you are.”

hard work success status quotes for fb and whatsapp

“If you are hungry for success then do preparation with hard work, and learn from failure.”

“If you did no hard work, then don’t regret to see the result of failure.”

“Hard work secures the future.”

“Motivational stories on hard-work, motivates us to do hard work.”

“Hard work is never wasted, it gives fruitful results.”

“Do your works with dedication and set high standards for hard-work.”

“Hard work, hope and patience will make you success.”

“I need success, I don’t fear of hard-work.”

“The road of success, allows the people move on it who do hard work with dedication.”

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