10+ Whatsapp status for happy moments

Some happy status quotes are as follows:

“No matter whether everything is perfect in your life or not, choose to be happy and make your moment perfect.”

“May All you have happy, joyful and blessed day.”

“If you want to be happy, then learn to be patient.”

status message on someone who makes you happy
I prefer to be with the one(s) who make me happy.

“I am very happy to see you guys healthy and happy.”

happy place status
I feel happy when i visit the scenery of the nature.

“Happy people put ego and pride aside and accept corrections and changes in their life, unhappy people have a lot of ego and pride, They don’t accept correction and changes, and they blame others for for everything things.”

I chosoe to be happy status about life
Be patient and make your moment happy.

“If you want happy moments in your life then put ego and pride aside and never carry grudges.”

be happy status quotes
“Don’t compare your life with others, everyone is beautiful and unique, there is happiness and brightness in being yourself.”

“If you want to bring happiness in your life then learn to give rather than being a taker.”

“A good life is stress-free, and full of happy moments.”

I choose to be happy status for fb and whatsapp
Choose to stay happy and joyful, kick away to the sadness and anxiety.

“I have started living in happy and amazing moments by choosing to be happy .”

“It makes me very happy to know that people are accepting the truth and supporting the truth.”

“Live with full of happiness not because of everything in your life is perfect and awesome, But because you prefer happy moments in your life.”

whatsapp status for happy moments
Enjoy your happy moments with you fiends, family and loved ones.

“Don’t stress your life, Cherish and enjoy all the happy moments in your life in positive ways with your friends, family and loved ones because worldly life is too short you and never know when it will be your last time in your life.”

“Cherish and enjoy all the beautiful moments in your life, every moment is unique and you don’t get again the same moment in your life.”

you make me happy status quotes
They way you make me happy is very unique way, I like it.

“If you want see happy moment in your life, then your thoughts and acts should be positive.”

“I am enjoying my life and feeling happy moment.”

“Be happy to brighten your mood during the time of hardship.”

“When good people are around me then my mood becomes happy automatically.”

“Don’t be happy to see other’s sorrow and suffering but join them to overcome their sorrow and sufferings.”

“Leave the negative place where you are not feeling happy.”

“Today I feel so happy, Support of you all might have been behind my happiness.”

status on happy moments in life
A happy life is a good life. strive to make your life a happy life.

“I feel happy moment at the time when I am with my family and loved ones.”

“Don’t let your past days make you sad, Be happy and focus on present and future.”

“Be positive, grateful and supporter of the truth, this will make you happy.”

“Worry less, be happy more.”

“Today, After meeting my family after a long time, felt happiness like never before.”

happy life status quotes
Focus on doing more and more the things that make you happy and bring peace inside you.

“Thank you for removing my sadness and making me happy.”

“Be with your friends and make them happy when they feel sad and alone.”

“I just hope that you guys feel peace and happiness.”

“I am very happy to know that you guys are very grateful people.”

“If you are happy then this moment is yours.”

“I am happy to see improvement in you and feeling better.”

“I feel joy and happiness to welcome you.”

“I am very happy to have you here.”

“When my family is around me, then I feel happy so much.”

“Smile of my my loved ones makes me happy and removed the worries.”

“I am very happy for everyone who built their carrier by following the path of truth.”

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