10+ Behavior Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some inspirational quotes and thoughts on behavior are as follows, you can share on your whatsapp status:

“You cannot change behavior of anyone, You need just remind them.”

“Don’t let sharp words of others upset you, keep maintaining your inner peace.”

“Sorry is not enough, you need to put your ego aside and change the behavior.”

“You have no control over the behavior of others but you have full control over the behavior of yours. Put control over your behavior and save your inner peace.”

“Don’t be aggressive in the behavior.”

behavior is the mirror quotes
Know that behavior is just like a mirror, people judge you with your behavior.
human behavior quotes
“The main sources of human behavior are knowledge, emotion and desire.”
beautiful behavior quotes for whatsapp status
Change your life with your beautiful behavior.

“Do good behavior with poor and weak people.”

human behavior quotes for whatsapp status

“Don’t do any kind of anti-social behavior.”

“I forgive people but learn a lesson from their behavior.”

“Don’t let your behavior hut to anyone but let your behavior please everyone.”

“Use good words for good behavior.”

“Your wining in the argument doesn’t make you a good person, your good behavior and attitude makes you a good person.”

“Mix kindness, love and affection in your behavior.”

“You are not responsible for the behavior of others.”

“I am reminding you about your awful behavior not to hurt you but to guide you so that you could make corrections.”

behavior status quotes for whatsapp

“Never be violent in your behavior but be cool and supportive.”

“The best apology is to change behavior and be good.”

“When you change your attitude then your behavior changes automatically.”

“I don’t get irritated nor loose the control over myself to see the ugly behavior of the trolls.”

“Don’t do the behavior that is unacceptable to others.”

changed behavior and apology status quotes

“Don’t let negative behavior of others make you like them.”

“Control your behavior and go to the right direction.”

“Bad behavior destroys inner peace.”

“Never accommodate bad behavior.”

“Bad behavior makes bad habit.”

good behavior quotes for whatsapp status

“Don’t be abusive in your behavior nor be rude.”

“Your pretty face doesn’t make you a good person but your good behavior makes.”

“Bad behavior indicates lack of love.”

“Let your behavior follow postie thoughts to bring peace inside you.”

“Your behavior decides who to stay in your life.”

“Don’t follow the way of self-destructive behavior.”

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