10+ Behavior status for Whatsapp

“You cannot change behavior of anyone, You need just remind them.”

beautiful behavior quotes for whatsapp status

“Do good behavior with poor and weak people.”

human behavior quotes for whatsapp status

“Don’t do any kind of anti-social behavior.”

“Use good words for good behavior.”

behavior status quotes for whatsapp

“Never be violent in your behavior but be cool and supportive.”

“The best apology is to change behavior and be good.”

“Don’t do the behavior that is unacceptable to others.”

changed behavior and apology status quotes

“Don’t let negative behavior of others make you like them.”

“Bad behavior destroys inner peace.”

“Never accommodate bad behavior.”

“Bad behavior makes bad habit.”

good behavior quotes for whatsapp status

“Don’t be abusive in your behavior nor be rude.”

“Your pretty face doesn’t make you a good person but your good behavior makes.”

“Bad behavior indicates lack of love.”

“Let your behavior follow postie thoughts to bring peace inside you.”

“Your behavior decides who to stay in your life.”

“Don’t follow the way of self-destructive behavior.”

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