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“Focus more on character than beauty, because with the time beauty will be faded and finally you have to live with character but not beauty.”

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“We see, the sun goes down in the evening every day, But beauty of it still shines through it.”

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“Good attitude and positive thoughts bring a kind of beauty.”

“It is so important to be real than perfect, Know that there is a kind of beauty in the reality.”

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“Beauty is everywhere, you just need to find and recognize it.”

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“It is very important to remain positive with pure heart because beauty comes from inside.”

“Beautiful hearts and thoughts bring beauty for you but not Beautiful cloth nor pretty face.”

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“Beauty comes in you when you stay positive and accept how you are .”

“Good manners and positive thoughts bring beauty.”

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“Beauty is in everything, you have beautiful heart to recognize it.”

“Never underestimate the beauty of heart and thought.”

“If you have no beauty in your heart then your pretty face become useless.”

“Beauty of heart appears on the face.”

“Be positive and stay confidence, this will bring beauty.”

“Cleanse your heart and make it pure, be positive thoughts and positive attitude and let reflect your inner beauty”

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