21+Status quotes for Whatsapp

“Some friends are so closed that they often go to whatsapp to see last seen of their friends.”

Whatsapp status on kindness in English
If someone is kind and decent then this doesn’t mean they are weak, Be kind and decent to everyone.

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best whatsapp status ever
Have you ever replied whatsapp status of any known person but instantly you realized that you ignored them to text a message before?

“Show love and care and earn respect.”

keep calm and don't panic quotes for whatsapp status
Always keep calm, maintain peace and don’t be panic anything and and carry on.
whatsapp status on pride
Put aside your pride and get aligned with the side of wisdom.
peace quotes for whatsapp status
Bring tolerance, respect and brotherhood to bring peace and stability.
whatsapp status on failure in life

“Why people don’t describe their own character at the time when they describe of others?”

enough is enough whatsapp status quotes

“When someone becomes excessive then I respond by saying ‘enough is enough’.”

know your worth quotes for whatsapp status
“When you know your worth then you stay humble and stop comparing yourself to others and don’t care about those who give no value to you, you are busy doing your part.”

“By pointing fingers on others you don’t define them but you define yourself.”

whatsapp status quotes in english

“I never let to be left behind to my friends, family and loved ones.”

“Every problem has a solution, you just need to find the solution and implement it with wisdom and the way that is best.”

“Peace always should be given a chance to resolve the differences and bring people together to make life better.”

status quotes on broken trust

“Build a relationship that becomes a blessing for you but not a lesson.”

“Without fixing the issue of lamp you cannot remove the darkness, so try to fix the lamp instead of cursing the

status quotes on actions and words for whatsapp

“Peace can be achieved by talks and mutual understandings but not by war.”

“Strive to develop peace and brotherhood at any cost and make settlement.”

“I smile often and never let to fade the happiness sign on my face.”

hiding feelings behind a smile status quotes for whatsapp

“Smile is priceless, always smile and be the reason someone smiles.”

“Your smile with positive attitude can bring peace and happiness on the face of others.”

whatsapp status on choice
Be careful and work with wisdom when you make a choice. Choices of today become circumstances for tomorrow.

“Change your mindset and attitude but in positive way, it will change your life.”

“I am very cool person. I usually give more chances than they deserve to those who are related to me, but when I am done then I am done.”

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