20+ life Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some inspirational life quotes for Whatsapp status are as follows:

“Sometimes a failure teaches you enough to achieve success in your life.”

“Every person has his own life story to tell you.”

“Sit and talk with those who speak the truth and support justice.”

good life status quotes for whatsapp
If you do good, good will return to you in near future…..

“Forgive everyone and never carry grudge in your heart, grudge is too heavy to carry and it makes your life complicated.”

best life status in english for fb and whatsapp
Striving to make my life a best life.

“Don’t behave like an angry man, Learn to control yourself in each and every situation, Your this positive behavior will always help you to achieve your goal in every steps of your life.”

live your life status quotes for whatsapp
Try to become a best version of yourself and stop impressing others.

“Keep improving and changing yourself for good, don’t let your past mistakes happen again in your life.”

status about life in english for whatsapp
Every person you meet, affects your life.

“I have decided to bring positive changes in my life to make best the rest of the life.”

best life status on old age in English for fb and whatsapp
Your experience and knowledge is improved with the time.

“Don’t focus on what others are doing in their life but focus on what you are doing to make your life better.”

“Some people in their life have ego, some people attitude, but in my life I have a beautiful heart that is very cute.”

“A wise person works with wisdom and never does gossip in his life, wherever he goes, He removes gossip of others with his words of wisdom.”

“Don’t be accomplices of toxic people, They will be good for nothing but trouble for everything in your life.”

“If someone helped you at the time of hardship then be grateful of him.”

status quotes on things to avoid in life for fb and whatsapp
Keep yourself away from the toxic and negative people.

“You can tell a lot of about the life of a person by the way he/she leaves you.”

“Keep moving on and don’t stress your life, things will come at right track at right time.”

“Sometimes a silence is enough to save a relationship in our life.”

“If you want to see truthfulness around you then be honest first.”

easy life status quotes for fb and whatsapp
Life becomes easier when you focus on yours and forget others.

“Ego stops you from accepting the truth and destroys your life so put your ego aside.”

“Your life becomes so easy and full of happiness when you start believing that everyone has got an unique life and stop comparing your life with everybody else.”

“Don’t treat your friends like you don’t care of them.”

“Sometimes you forgive the people who wronged you because of you want peace and happiness in your life.”

“If you still want the people in your life who did wrong with you then don’t forget to forgive them.”

“Sometimes a person is removed from your life about who you have never dreamed to losing, sometimes a person comes in your life about who you never dreamed to come in your life.”
“It is very hard to make your life perfect but it is easy to make your life with full of happiness.”

“Make yourself strong enough to live a happy life and stay positive and grateful in every situation.”

“You should not interfere in the life and affairs of other others ones because such behavior is not useful for you but even sometimes becomes harmful, You need keep doing things of your life without having concern of others who don’t like your interference in their business.”

what matters in life status quotes for fb and whatsapp
Focus on what are you doing not on others.

“If you truly love your life then do good deeds and help the poor and needy people.”

“Every hardship in your life makes you strong and teaches you a lesson.”

“Some things in our life happen only once.”

“If you want make your life rich then learn to give and help to the poor and needy people.”

“If you want an amazing life with full of happiness then never forget your Status and etiquette.”

“Life is very short so do good deeds in your life and always live happy and grateful.”

“Don’t feel happy after doing something bad to someone, know that this bad could come in your life too so repent and often repent.”

“Ego brings nothing in our life but could destroy many things in our life so stay away from ego for a better life.”

“Sometimes a person does wrong with you to down you but unknowingly they make you strong, so stay grateful and hopeful in every situation.”

hard life status quotes for whatsapp and fb
Some hardships disturb you while some hardships strengthen you.

“Failure is a part of life, so don’t quit after failure but learn from failure and try again to achieve the success.”

“Every person have a limit in their life, Stay positive and never cross a limit in your life.”

“With the time we grow and with the time we become more decent and decision maker.”

“Don’t worry if someone doesn’t like you because everyone doesn’t matter in your life.”

“If you want to win something in your life then focus on wining rather than focusing on the winners.”

“Those who have come in your life don’t treat them like an option but treat and behave with them like a preferred choice.”

“Good people in our life make the best memories in our life.”

“Stay closed to everyone who made your life better and helped you during the time of need.”

“If you always live like a lazy person and willing to left behind, then you will never know the capability of yours that how successful you could become if you do sincere efforts to become a successful person.”

“Keep doing good deeds and help poor and needy people without expecting appreciation.”

“If you want that good things happen in your life then be patent and stay grateful for the things that you have in your life, know that good things take time to happen so keep moving on, good things will happen at good time.”

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