10+ Life SMS Messages to share on whatsapp status

Some Life SMSes are as follows, you can share on your whatsapp status:

“If someone comes in your life to help you then never betray them but be grateful and appreciate them.”

“If you face hardship on any day then don’t feel that your life is bad, Really life of none is bad yes some days are bad in our life, but after bad days good days are ahead.”

life is a test sms
We face test every day in our life.

“I will never betray the trust of the ones who came in my life with hope and helped me during bad days of my life.”

“Relax in your life and Focus on what concern you.”

“Start it today and don’t wait for tomorrow because no one knows whether tomorrow will come in your life or not.”

“Develop the positive and most important habits that could be beneficial in your life.”

“Try to be productive in your life instead of busy.”

sms on life is not bad
Don’t be disappointed to see any obstacle in your life, If any day goes bad then this doesn’t mean your life is bad.

“Know that age always doesn’t matter in your life.”

“Quit the things and habit that are not useful in your life.”

“Learn how to control your anger and stay like a decent person in every situation of your life.”

“Leverage your strength, skills, money, time, knowledge, business and expertise to make your life amazing.”

“Don’t curse the hard times but be thankful of it in your life, because hardships is temporary and it make us stronger.”

“Great people have great sense of humour in their life.”

“If you really want good things to start happen in your life then you are supposed to leave bad people who drag you to do wrong and negative things.”

positive life sms in English
Leave wrong people and let good things to be happen in your life.

“May your morning becomes so pleasant, that you forget your all sorrow, sufferings and pains of old days.”

“May your mooring becomes so good for your that happiness and blessings follow you.”

“Every morning is a wonderful blessing from Allah. It brings for us another start and hope in our life. May Allah make our morning good and full of happiness.”

“May you witness a very good morning with full of happiness and pleasant.”

“May your all the moment becomes as good as your morning is.”

good morning sms on life
Every morning brings us blessings from the Almighty.

“Sleeping late in the morning takes away your pleasant, wake up in the morning and enjoy goodness of the morning.”

“It has become morning and sun is arisen, get up and feel happiness.”

“If you want enjoy the cool winds and fresh air in the morning then you have to get up in the morning.”

“Control your attitude and remain positive.”

“Positive thoughts bring nothing but good, stop yourself from being a negative person.”

“Stop yourself from negative talk.”

“Don’t be worried about doing slowly but be worried about sitting idle and doing nothing to change your life.”

“Stop yourself from consuming toxic food, always eat health food.”

“You are supposed to control your perspective always.”

“Always review how honest you are, stop yourself from being dishonest.”

“Try to know who your real friends and who are fake ones.”

“What books you read affects your attitude, Stop yourself from reading negative books.”

“Always be kind to others and help poor and needy people.”

“Interpret the situation in positive way.”

“Express your feelings but in positive ways.”

“Don’t be late in appreciating and saying thanks to the ones who helped you.”

“If you need help then leave ego aside and ask for the help.”

“Always practice gratitude in your life.”

“Don’t stress your mind, be happy and smile often.”

“Control yourself how you spend money, never spend money on negative things.”

“Don’t spend anytime in worrying because it will only harm you.”

“Never think about past, focus on present and future.”

“Don’t judge others the way you don’t like to get judged by others.”

“Don’t quit after any setback, learn from failure and try again.”

“Be grateful for everything you have in your life.”

“Do debate and discussion in your life for progress and learning but not victory.”

“Always remain Self-discipline, self-motivated and do the things timely.”

“Start your journey with determination and end satisfaction.”

“Learn how to remain positive in negative environment and situation.”

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