10+ Whatsapp Status on Fears

“Don’t fear nor be afraid of trying again, you need to try again with positive way, no matter what.”

“Don’t let the fears of tomorrow destroy peace and happiness of today.”

“Don’t let your fears to take you down, face your fears and move on.”

“My goal is to achieve the success, this is why I am learning how to face and overcome the fears.”

“Sometimes fears and insecurities are matters of concern.”

“Sometimes I fear betrayal from the people who I blindly trust.”

whatsapp status quotes by Shahrukh Khanon fear
“Don’t let your fears weaken you.”

“Don’t fear nor be afraid of being honest and speaking the truth.”

“Know that you are bigger than your fears, never let fears to defeat you.”

“I donor fear from losing anything,”

“Know that your strength is more powerful than your fears.”

“Those suffer who fear unnecessarily.”

do not fear of change status quotes for fb and whatsapp
Don’t let fear harm you, let fear work for you.

“Please try again and again and don’t fear nor be afraid of failure.”

“Put a control over your fears and angers.”

“I have no valid reason to fear anyone in this world. I don’t do anything wrong nor violate any rule then why I need to fear anyone?”

fear status quotes for whatsapp
Never let your fear to destroy your future.

“Keep yourself away from bad people, Fear of losing good people.”

“Real friends are afraid of losing friendship.”

“I never fear to wakeup early in the morning, I am making a habit to wake up early in the morning.”

“My choices reflect my hopes but not my fears.”

fear and regret status quotes
Don’t let a temporary fear make you regret for ever.

“Never be afraid of helping poor and needy people.”

“Don’t be afraid of to be what you are.”

fear courage status quotes
Let your courage takeover on your fears.

“Don’t be afraid of change, Keep improving and changing yourself for good.”

“Never be afraid of speaking the truth at the face of oppressor, Speak truth and oppose injustice.”

afraid status quotes for fb and whatsapp
I don’t care nor fear of what could go wrong, I focus on what could go right.

“Don’t be afraid of leaving bad company.”

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