10+ Beautiful quotes for Whatsapp status

Here are some beautiful quotes and thoughts to share on whatsapp status:

“Know that beautiful manner gives more impressions than beautiful face.”

“It is very important to have a beautiful heart instead of a beautiful face. Without beauty of heart the beauty of face is useless “

“A beautiful smile with beautiful heart make a face pretty.”

beautiful life status for whatsapp in english
Don’t focus on beauty of face but focus on beauty of heart and behavior.

“I don’t need a beautiful person in my life but need a person who can make my life beautiful and amazing .”

beauty is everywhere status quotes
“Beautiful things are available everywhere you go, you just need to be positive and strive to find it.”
beautiful day beautiful mindset status quotes
A beautiful day is started with a beautiful hope and mindset.

“If you want to become a good person then you don’t need a beautiful face, what you need is beautiful heart and beautiful character.”

beautiful heart status quotes for fb and whatsapp
“No matter how pretty beautiful face you have, if you don’t have a beautiful heart then it is useless.”

“If you want to see the beautiful nature then wake up early in the morning and go to any beautiful park, You will find there loveliness of woods before sunrise, You will feel amazing to see the beauty of the nature.”

beautiful face status quotes in english

“Don’t quit if you find hardship in the journey of the life but move on with patience, passion and dedication. Know that sometimes difficult roads lead you to beautiful and amazing destination.”

beautiful destinations status quotes for fb and wahatsapp
It is believed that hard path takes you at a good place.

“Always know that your uniqueness is a kind of beauty and power for you. Never compare yourself with anyone, Keep moving on at positive path and never lose hope nor be sad, you are beautiful, amazing, powerful, brilliant and bravo.”

beautiful status quotes for whatsapp and fb
When carrier and passion both are mixed then it gives good result.

“No matter how beautiful face you have gotten, your destination still will be grave so do good deeds and avoid mischief.”

“Your good behavior and personality makes you beautiful but not juts pretty face.”

“Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures.”

“Wings of birds are pretty beautiful.

“A beautiful make up doesn’t makes you beautiful but a beautiful heart and good attitude makes.”

“If beautiful face becomes useless when, you have no beautiful heart and behavior.”

beautiful feeling status for fb and whatsapp
Beautiful things are felt but are not seen.

“A beautiful smile makes a face beautiful .”

“If your heart and characters are not beautiful then your beautiful face becomes useless.”

you are beautiful status quotes
Every person is unique and they have unique beauty.

“Everyone is unique and beautiful, True beauty is in the heart and talk .”

“A beautiful face will become fade with the time but a beautiful heart will remain beautiful forever in your worldly life.”

beautiful place status in english for whatsapp
“Don’t make efforts to find a beautiful place but strive to create one.”

“Keep smiling and remain with positive attitude, this will make you beautiful and amazing person.”

beautiful things quotes for whatsapp status
If things are beautiful then you are automatically get attracted, in such case no advertisement is needed.

“Decent, grateful and happy people always look pretty beautiful.”

“Beautiful heart and good attitude beatifies the face.”

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