10+ Feeling alone quotes for whatsapp status

Some alone status are as follows:

“Don’t allow your loneliness to make you feel alone.”

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“I love being alone rather than being with the ones who make me feel alone.”

“It is better live alone than living with someone who makes you feel lonely.”

heart touching status lines on being alone
Sometimes I prefer being alone so that no one can hurt me.
feeling alone status for whatsapp
It is very painful when you feel alone even during the time when room is full of the people.
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“It is far better be alone instead of getting surrounded by fake friends.”

“Always keep in touch with your family and loved ones and Never let them to feel stressed, alone or sad.”

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“Sometimes I don’t like to be in crowd but prefer to stay alone, it gives me peace of mind.”

“I neither feel down nor alone.”

“Sometimes I feel like I am better off alone.”

“Sometimes it is ok to be alone but forever alone is not a good choice.”

“i don’t let myself feeling alone, I keep myself busy doing good deeds.”

“I don’t feel alone nor isolated nor afraid during the time of quarantine due to COVID-19.”

“Always care your friends, family and loved ones and never let them feel alone.”

“Now I am feeling better right now t know that everything is fine with you.

“Being alone and feeling alone are two different things, Never let feel alone to your loved ones”

“Don’t let yourself feeling alone because it will make you sad and afraid, keep yourself busy doing good deeds.”

“I am feeling nice but not alone.”

“Care you’re your family and loved ones and don’t let feel them lonely.”

“I walk in the morning alone, I feeling refreshed but not alone.”

“If I am feeling lonely then this doesn’t mean I am alone.”

“When it comes doing good deeds then don’t let anyone around you to feel alone but join them and be together.”

“Sometimes people feel alone even if they literally live with people.”

“I am neither feeling stressed nor anxious nor depressed, I am really feeling awesome.”

“I will always stand by you during the time of hardship and will never let you feel alone or any kind of pain.”

“If anyone is alone then don’t let feel them feel lonely.”

“For me being alone is Ok but feeling alone worst.”

alone status quotes for whatsapp
I never feel any issue in being alone.

“Sit alone to dream about your future but not to worry about your past.”

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“Some times it is recommenced to be alone to enjoy your own life.”
status quotes on stand alone and friendship
“Real friends will never let you to face the situation of being alone.”

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lonely status for whatsapp
“Lonely is not just being left alone but it is a feeling when no one cares about you.”

“It is better to stand alone rather than standing beside the person who gives no value to you.”

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