10+ Short quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some inspirational short quotes and thoughts for whatsapp status are as follows:

“Learn critical thinking and how to solve complex problems.”

“Anger and money weakens a relationship.”

“Try to earn love and respect instead of money.”

“I can never say stay away from me.”

“Never forget the value of gratitude. gratitude offers you a best attitude.”

“Patience always plays a major role in the success.”

short status story on whatsapp
Life of every person has some unique and useful story, learn something good from their story.
Short status quotes on being kind
Don’t be panic at any moment, Don’t stress, remain kind to your mind.
short status line on breaking heart
I expect from healing my heart but not breaking my heart.
short status messages with picture for whatsapp

“Develop creativity in you for success in your life.”

i am sorry status message

“Be shadow for those who are alone or feeling alone.”

right and easy status
Always give preference to the right object and directions but not to the easy.

“Be shoulder for those are crying.”

short status quotes on friends
True friends will never leave you alone.

“Be a reason of smile for those who are sad.”

“Help those who need your help.”

Download status quotes on judge me if you are perfect for fb and whatsapp
If you are not perfect then you should not dare to judge anyone.

“Develop decision making skills in you.”

“Sometimes misunderstanding creates worst type of distance between two people.”

live life status for whatsapp
Live your life and let others to live their own life.

“Improve your communication skills and learn people management and coordinating others.”

don't quit status
“Don’t be hopeless nor quit, Good things are ahead.”

“Failure becomes success when you learn from it and move on to achieve your goal.”

“Ego is harmful for your success so leave it.”

Heart touching short trust status quotes for whatsapp
It is very hard to trust you if you have long list of wrong doings in the past.

“Some moments become a memory.”

“Some times silence becomes better than word.”

“Some times silence itself becomes a reply.”

“Don’t let your desires and mood  control you.”

“Stand up for poor and needy people.”

“Help others including elederly people.”

“Inspiare others to leave thier fear and ego.”

“Inspire & empower deprived people.”

hardest climb quotes for whatsapp status
The best outcomes are resulted after hard work.

“Do something graet for humanity and support the truth.”

“Pay off your debt timely.”

“visionary leaders motivate you to do something better.”

“Make money to support your family and loved ones.”

“Donot become shy Talk to strangers.”

“Make efforts to produce better professionals.”

“Make a positive impact on others with your postive attitude.”

“I am planing to go on a vacation with my family.”

“Have a passion, express gratitude and practice self-care and protection.”

“Build a routine of positive things in your life.”

learn from mistakes
Learn from the failure and mistakes.

“Be kind and keep smiling.”

“Be positive and have accountability of your actions.”

“Stay decent and accept your flaws.”

“I didn’t trust you, I rusted the person you pretended to be.”

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